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in a willing manner


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Lief holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College (1987) where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum laude.
Arena chief executive officer Jack Lief says that by partnering with Eisai his company--a 13-year-old firm that is seeking its first product approval--is teaming up with a company that has significant marketing clout.
Hy was baie lief vir sy honde, en was 'n hartlike familie-mens, vol empatie.
The remake of the Arthur Miller classic also stars Lief Schreiber and has bucked the recent trend of poor performances on Broadway from established film names.
Dovedale Towers, formerly Lief and Alma De Santiago hit the headlines when two bouncers were shot.
Is dit die rede waarom ons nie maklik lief raak vir of vriende maak met die intelligente, vriendelike, humoristiese diere nie?
regulators by the end of 2009 to market the obesity drug, which is designed to stimulate a protein in the brain that makes people feel full, Lief said.
Without too much exaggeration, some types of college loans will be more difficult and more expensive to get," said Brett Lief, the president of the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs.
Chris has formed a formidable musical partnership with Julie Matthews and further enhanced her reputation at Cropredy this year when she gave a stunning vocal performance as Fairport Convention recreated the 1969 classic Liege and Lief in front of 20,000 fans.
For those of us who bristle at the notion that passion and persuasion no longer matter, The Devil's Advocates, by Michael Lief and H.
The pounds 27m forward spent two hours with respective England and United team doctors Lief Sward and Tony Gill, before emerging for his drive through a mass of security guards, fans and media.
With: Mads Mikkelsen, Lief Sylvester, Kurt Nielsen, Zlatko Buric, Oyvind Hagen-Traberg, Maria Erwolter, Karsten Schroder.
Lief and Ina were pretending to be a married couple, spending every non-working moment together in his little apartment on Lincoln Place in Brooklyn.
Renaissance Academy 80, Le Lycee 64: The visitors had no answer for the 6-foot-6, 230-pound Lief Williams, who scored 12 of his 37 points in the second quarter and finished with 18 rebounds for Renaissance Academy of La Canada (8-2, 3-0) in an American League game.
Those who found the original group a bit mannered and heavy will likely experience its modern incarnation as a breath of fresh air; those who have worn out their vinyl copies of Unhalfbricking (A&M SP-4206 [1969]) and Liege and Lief (A&M SP-4257 [1970]) may well find the modern group shallow and unoriginal.