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a German art song of the 19th century for voice and piano

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Again, compare the following sentences: 1) A habitual liar that he is, he lied again about his parenthood.
He lied to people who sold him valuable assets like genuine photo collections and newspaper photo archives, leading to a parade of civil suits.
Sullivan (2013) notes, "[Blair] lied and faked and cheated his way through story after story--scores of them, for years.
We would remind whoever we can that President Polk lied to the nation about the reason for going to war with Mexico in 1846.
There's a very good chance that one-third of them lied on their resume.
All these groups agreed that lying was common; that they, themselves, sometimes lied; that they were aware that they were frequently lied to--even sometimes while the lies were being spun: and that they rarely did anything about these lies.
Alterman shows how FDR lied to Congress and even to his closest aides about a number of off-the-record agreements he had made with Soviet premier Joseph Stalin at Yalta.
They may use perception management statements, such as "I could never hurt someone," "Lying is below me," "I have never lied," "I would never lie," or "I would never do such a thing," all of which should alert investigators to the possibility of deception.
Harbury alleges that the Clinton administration lied to her about the detention and torture of her late husband, who was captured by the Guatemalan military in 1992 and eventually killed--while she pleaded for assistance in finding him.
After the videotape of Clinton's grand jury testimony was released, The Washington Post editorialized: "By just about any standard but, apparently, his own, the President pretty plainly lied under oath in a court proceeding and repeatedly in public and private thereafter....
This is not the first time Clinton has lied, about sex or about anything else for that matter.
The writers for the house organ lied. The emotional story needed something to compel readers to donate, so a quote was added.
Let him know that while a broken object may need to be replaced or repaired and you maybe upset, you would be even more upset if he lied about it.
The strangers claimed they had been completely honest but once the recording was played it was discovered that 60% of the subjects lied at least once during the short conversation.