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a German art song of the 19th century for voice and piano

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Everyone lied about Vietnam--Kennedy about the extent of our involvement, Johnson about the Gulf of Tonkin, Nixon about the secret bombing of Cambodia, all of them claiming it was to keep South Vietnam free of communism, but really wanting to keep South Vietnam as an American outpost at the edge of the Asian continent.
Some candidates have even called her post-interview, admitting they lied.
But most mainstream news organizations--even when confronted with overwhelming evidence of a sitting president's dishonesty--have become incapable of writing the simple words, "the president lied.
Third, in the created lie condition (IC lie), participants lied without trying to be consistent with the false scenario, and were told not to devise a coherent story.
25] Likewise, responses such as, "I would never do that," "Lying is below me," I have never lied," or "I would never lie," or, "I would never do such a thing" should alert investigators to the possibility of deception.
Rather than treating this distinction as a minor point of legitimate confusion, the news media concluded that Gore had willfully lied.
Clinton might figure the public actually needs his denial, even a denial it does not believe, to avoid having to deal with the fact that he lied under oath and to the public.
According to the latest Vault workplace research, 14% of the professionals polled by Vault admit to having lied on their resumes.
He lied about the reasons he took us to war with the wrong enemy.
Clinton has lied to us, deceived us, and then covered up his deceptions about something which, however odious, we did not need to know about and caused no one to lose a life.
With the notable exception of bachelor Grover Cleveland, who admitted having an affair with one Maria Halpin, they concealed their past and sometimes even lied about it.