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a sweetened Rhenish wine (especially one from Hesse in western Germany)

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The 5 [pounds sterling]-plus category may be the saving grace for Germany, which had a poor year as Hock and Liebfraumilch drinkers die off.
The Liebfraumilch brand never recovered from its starring role in Abigail's Party, a stinging Seventies portrait of suburban bad taste.
Put two myths to bed First one is that German wine starts and ends with Liebfraumilch.
A source said: "It's that horrible Liebfraumilch which is apparently Victoria's favourite.
Corbitt, making his first appearance at the Everyman, is playing Liebfraumilch.
RUBBER PLANTENJOYING a revival from the 70s, the Liebfraumilch of plants.
The German producers took it in the shorts with Riesling because years ago they flooded the market with cheap liebfraumilch, although some of it was pretty good.
Some predict that this is the year when these great wines will finally become de rigueur and cast off the perception that they are similar to the lesser wines of neighbouring Germany such as Liebfraumilch.
It was regarded as the 'favourite of a generation'' raising interest and awareness in quality wine in a country previously awash with liebfraumilch, Piat d'Or and beer.
70 Beer: Carslberg 12x440ml, pounds 9 ALDIWine: St Amandus Liebfraumilch 75cl, pounds 2.
The country's main speciality was to mimic the then popular German liebfraumilch and the main grape variety grown was the prodigious, but inferior, muller-thurgau.
When I was a student I used to scour the streets of Gateshead looking for the cheapest Liebfraumilch or hock.
49) is something that probably could have worked 20 years ago but the brand has suffered in the past couple of decades from its association with cheap German liebfraumilch.
Mass-market wine Liebfraumilch now accounts for only 20% of exports compared with 45% in 1975--and Forrest believes this is responsible for the volume fall, "which we aren't bothered about".