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a sweetened Rhenish wine (especially one from Hesse in western Germany)

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It is widely used in everyday blended wines, such as Liebfraumilch.
Well-known German wines include Moselle, Rhine, Sekt (German sparkling wine), Liebfraumilch, Spatlese, and the tongue-twisting but tasty Trockenbeerenauslese (often called "T.B.A." by people who don't speak German).
With a peak of 278 stores under the ownership of Seagram, Oddbins was regarded as the 'favourite of a generation' raising interest and awareness in quality wine in a country previously awash with liebfraumilch, Piat d'Or and beer.
Down: 1 Basic; 2 Skara; 3 Undergo; 4 Trendsetter; 5 Mussel; 6 Uncertain; 7 Liebfraumilch; 8 Nitre; 9 Denis Lawson; 10 Seated; 11 Agar; 12 Balmoral; 13 Coat hanger; 14 Maze; 15 Florence; 24 Her; 28 Element; 30 Taste; 31 Pep; 32 Van; 34 Missive; 36 Torrance; 38 Impasse; 40 Mystery; 42 Naive; 43 Appoint; 46 Sum; 48 Hound; 49 Copse; 51 Bear out; 53 Ago; 54 Breathe; 55 Idiot; 57 Incisor; 59 Lomond; 60 Infant; 62 Enhance; 65 Awake; 68 Thespian; 70 Loudest; 71 Yield; 72 Tobacco; 73 Hibee; 75 Ore; 76 Hackney; 78 Carvery; 79 Impossibility; 81 Image; 83 Gym; 84 Radiate; 85 Safe-deposit; 86 Legislation; 88 Niece; 89 Ambivalent; 92 Acetylene; 94 Lye; 95 Soh; 97 Operator; 99 Narrowly; 103 Recline; 104 Tun; 107 O'brien; 109 One-off; 111 Tight; 113 Exalt; 114 Teeny; 116 Rein; 118 Typo;
Don''t be misled by memories of cheap Liebfraumilch - get yourself into a good wine shop, ask nicely, and, if you''ve been good, they''ll let you saunter off with what is widely regarded as some of the best white wine in the world.
James Lapsley, a long-time winemaker and UC Cooperative Extension educator, said, "When White Zin took off, the sales of the then-popular sweet table wines from Germany, Liebfraumilch, declined.
Record levels of sunshine means the land of Liebfraumilch now produces Burgundy and Bordeaux-style vintages to rival the best in the world.
"I'm talking about the whole category, from Liebfraumilch all the way up to ice wine and trockenbeerenauslese."
A source said: "It's that horrible Liebfraumilch which is apparently Victoria's favourite."
With Liebfraumilch one of the top wines for British drinkers and Black Forest gateau making an appearance at most parties, shoppers could lead a bitter consumer backlash.
Think John McCririck turning up on your doorstep with Edwina Currie, an out-of-date tube of Pringles and a cheap bottle of Liebfraumilch, and you're almost there.
Although highly popular among takeaway fans, one food critic has described it as "the culinary equivalent of Liebfraumilch".
Perhaps the answer lies in all those years that Liebfraumilch deluged the British market.
If you have given German wine the body swerve since the days of sugary Liebfraumilch, try this lemony, dry and crisp Riesling with gentle hints of grapefruit.
What about a crystal goblet of sweet German Liebfraumilch or a hearty shot of creamy advocaat?