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A THE point, Callum, is that a stopgap job will look better on your CV than a prolonged period of lie-ins.
Harvey, who was contracted to provided bulletins 290 days a year, said: "I suppose I will be getting more lie-ins when they finish, but I would much rather continue doing them.
The darker side of the creative impulse takes the spotlight in "Metamorphosis and Cloning," at the Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, where eleven artists, including Xavier Veilhan, Vanessa Beecroft, and Spencer Tunick (who plans to orchestrate one of his signature massive nude lie-ins on the Place des Arts), will participate in an effort to investigate the effects of bio-technological advances (May 25-Sept.
New York's demonstrations are part of a large national movement of Lie-Ins to protest against our country's lax gun laws.
He said: "After the last four months of lie-ins, I feel refreshed and my hips have healed well.
But he refuted other allegations that the prison had dropped its hard-line approach to drugs and that inmates were allowed lie-ins.
It is so important to get some early nights and some long lie-ins so you can recharge the batteries.
Funemployment A POSITIVE spin on losing one's job, this term refers to alleged upsides of unemployment: lie-ins, long lunches, afternoon naps and as much Jeremy Kyle Show as you can handle.
Although it may sound fun not working, with all those lie-ins and daytime TV shows to be watched, it's not always what it's cracked up to be, as ubersite.
Dairy farmers could be in for some lie-ins if plans to develop a cow-milking robot get mooo-ving.
EARLY mornings have been scientifically proven to be a shock to the system and lie-ins officially reduce stress.
Lie-ins We all like a lie-in but research suggests that people who sleep more than eight hours a night have an increased risk of having a stroke.
I am looking forward to getting stuck into new projects and to lots of lie-ins on a Saturday morning.
March is National Bed Month so make the most of being between the sheets with a few early nights and lie-ins.