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Catch up on all those lie-ins you've promised yourself
Kidderminster Harriers' players could forget all about their Sunday lie-ins as Mark Yates hauled his squad in for extra training.
We could make the year longer by adding in an extra month between November and December and calling it "Zahhember" where, for the whole month, nobody is allowed to work and instead can spend the four weeks having lie-ins and recovering from the cold before going for a mid afternoon stroll around the shops to get gifts for family and friends.
The Postcard Period - the hotel is amazing, the food brilliant, you're having lie-ins and You and Him are getting on brilliantly.
FINALLY, confirmation has arrived on what frazzled mums like me have been saying for years - and it could spell the end of Saturday lie-ins for "shattered" dads.
Over the festive period, many will find they relax their sleep patterns - treating themselves to well deserved lie-ins and going to bed later than normal.
When I was a teenager I enjoyed some spectacular lie-ins, arising at 2.
IF your idea of a break is long lunches and long lie-ins check out a new range of guide books aimed at those who like to take things easy.
Rather than enjoying leisurely lie-ins, one in 10 Britons say they take their alarm clock on holiday to make sure they can stick to their daily "wake-up" routine.
There is talk of ditching our "to do" lists, switching off the 'phone, sitting in the bath until the water gets cold, having a daily "happy hour" when we turn off TVs and radios and - this is a good one - having lengthy lie-ins.
Mark Bishop, spokesman for Cornhill Direct, said: "Whenever someone says they work from home, many people immediately think of long lie-ins, daytime TV and an early finish but this survey proves this is far from the truth.
Sunday mornings used to be a time for long, luxurious lie-ins, breakfast in bed and an hour or two spent poring over the newspapers from the News of the World to The Telegraph and everything in between.
The results from these tests showed that while two lie-ins helped return levels of stress hormones to normal, they did not improve levels of attentiveness in the participants who had become drowsy when their sleep was cut short.
Eddie and Jean Leishman will be enjoying some well-deserved long lie-ins after providing a loving home to children of all ages and backgrounds for 33 years.
Having a child soon puts a stop to any dreamy thoughts of lie-ins and your day is as tightly regimented as a military operation in Helmand Province.