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FINALLY, confirmation has arrived on what frazzled mums like me have been saying for years - and it could spell the end of Saturday lie-ins for "shattered" dads.
But what about those families who feel they cannot have more children because they cannot have a lie-in on a Sunday?
The results from these tests showed that while two lie-ins helped return levels of stress hormones to normal, they did not improve levels of attentiveness in the participants who had become drowsy when their sleep was cut short.
The children, all of whom burned the candle at both ends for the last month of term, clearly know to stay in bed for a lie-in every day, not just weekends.
And, for that, it was definitely worth missing a lie-in.
And while what I got were a few midweek days scattered about here and there, which I would end up having to spend by myself, rattling round the house in my sweatpants, there was something of a buzz about knowing there were a handful of lie-ins on the horizon.
There are 30 bedrooms - ours was sumptuous with a bed made for Sunday morning lie-ins and a view overlooking the hotel's lake.
WEEKEND lie-ins cause "social jet lag" and can leave us feeling groggy until Wednesday, a study from Rush University in Chicago claims.
What a pity our hangover-induced lie-ins should remain unbroken by the ringing of bells.
Because it's Easter weekend, which means no work for four days, which means lie-ins - you can never have enough beauty sleep.
I still won't have any weekday lie-ins, because I take two of my grandchildren to school and will also be looking after them during the holidays," she added.
AFTER seeing that so-called experts have decided lie-ins aid concentration and learning, I was shocked to see that a headteacher has accepted their claim and intends putting it into action at his school.
YOU don't get to be a movie A-lister on a regime of lie-ins and chippy teas.
Kidderminster Harriers' players could forget all about their Sunday lie-ins as Mark Yates hauled his squad in for extra training.
We could make the year longer by adding in an extra month between November and December and calling it "Zahhember" where, for the whole month, nobody is allowed to work and instead can spend the four weeks having lie-ins and recovering from the cold before going for a mid afternoon stroll around the shops to get gifts for family and friends.