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If the lie detector is wrong, then the show has a lot to answer for.
Sian Devine, who runs Dublin-based Lie Detector Ltd, said the number of calls she's received since the beginning of the month are up by nearly 40% from the norm.
They are here to be educated, not to be considered criminals where they have to take a lie detector test about candy," said parent Nakida Henry.
Moscow: Russian police said Monday they planned to use a lie detector to question witnesses about the vicious acid attack against the artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet.
Investigators had sought the lie detector test on Chandra and two Zee editors, Samir Ahluwalia and Sudhir Chaudhary, in connection with the alleged ` 100 crore extortion bid case filed by Congress MP Naveen Jindal's firm.
Meanwhile, a Russian politician who remains the main suspect in the notorious killing of former KGB officer Aleksander Litvinenko also attempted to clear his name by taking a lie detector test earlier this year.
De Lima said that she had asked NBI Director Nonatus Ceasar Roxas to conduct the lie detector test on Go, his nephew and his sister after the findings of an NBI investigation matched Go's claim that he and Yu were indeed taken from the NBP.
Jambos owner Vladimir Romanov recently caused a stir by claiming the club used lie detectors to flush out "suspicious people".
Under a nationwide pilot scheme paedophiles and rapists in the West Midlands will be made to take lie detector tests as part of their release from prison.
Measuring adrenaline in people's voices, the over-the-phone lie detector alerts a squad of Derwentside District Council's housing benefit officers to those who could be lying.
But the scientific validity of lie detector machines has never been confirmed, writes Adler, and the justice system has discredited their use in recent years,
Still widely used in North America, lie detector tests are used in courts particularly in child abuse and sex offences cases and have been taken up by countries including Israel, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.
THEY have a unique way of fostering good working relations in Serbia: companies give their employees lie detector tests.
Marion Jones' lawyer has challenged the man who alleged he supplied the former Olympic sprint champion with performance-enhancing drugs to take a lie detector test.
Ben, who stars with his fiancee in the poorly-reviewed Gigli, has been challenged by the National Enquirer magazine to take a lie detector test after denying the Enquirer's report that he had a wild night cavorting with strippers at a club in Vancouver.