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lie without sleeping

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'I'd lie awake at night and my hair fell out with the stress'
But as many of us lie awake at night wondering if our kids will ever get on the property ladder, you can't help but wonder if rich and famous parents should just quietly share their fortune with loved ones – and stop bothering us.
I'll lie in bed awake at 'I lie awake and if I anything about, I'll something' the sort of hour when only hamsters and hedgehogs should be making use of their conscious minds, and I'll literally think of things to get in a tizz about.
Thirty per cent of 18-24 year olds - around 1.8m people, almost the entire UK student population - are so concerned by their list that they feel ill, and 21% of young people - almost 1.3m people - admit that they lie awake thinking about the things they are yet to strike off their list.
ONE in three people in the West Midlands say the costs of housing is causing 'stress and depression' in their family - and one in four lie awake at night worrying aboutbeing able to pay their rent or mortgage.
London, December 26 ( ANI ): Children, who once had to lie awake listening for the sound of Santa shuffling down the chimney, can track his progress from computers now and find out precisely when their gifts are going to arrive.
I often lie awake at night when all the world is fast asleep, I close my eyes and think about our life and you are here with me.
The IKEA survey found 57% of respondents lie awake at night worrying about work or money - resulting in 10% checking work emails, 6% waking up their partner if they can't sleep, 26% listening to soothing music and 18% believing having sex would help.
HARRIS Andrew We often lie awake at night, When all the world's asleep, And take a walk down memory lane, With tears upon our cheeks.
Those nights I'd lie awake listening to the trains In Homestead and the way they dopplered Back against their passage, Billowing the distances with sound.
Why do I lie awake as hubby lies beside me snoring contently?
Yes, it seems even zebrafish lie awake, tossing and turning, thinking of the kids' grades, that big promotion, and whether to take a second mortgage on the fish bowl.
Yes, it seems even zebrafish lie awake thinking about whether to take a second mortgage on the fish bowl.
to lie awake half-sleeping, wondering Where, when will I sleep
Our dad never was really one for doing what he said he'd do, but I believed him about the house--I'd lie awake at night picturing the cathedral ceilings and cherry cabinets.