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hang around idly


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all tell a fib or now and then COMPULSIVE LIES A PERSON who lies compulsively feels compelled to lie about anything or everything, even when telling the truth is the easier option.
Other researchers have found that men were more inclined to lie about money and alcohol/medicine than were women (Dreber & Johannesson, 2008; Ellingsen, Johannesson, Lilja, & Zetterqvist, 2009; Erat & Gneezy, 2011; Friesen & Gangadharan, 2012; Jensen et al.
Sadly, the time they took to choose to lie about their lying was not given.
The 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds who had been lied to were both more likely to cheat and then more likely to lie about having done so, too.
For example, a state involved in bargaining with another state which did not lie about its position during bargaining would be at best naive and at worst negligent.