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Antonyms for lidded

having or covered with a lid or lids


having a lid

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Brown and blue lidded bins will be collected together on the alternate weeks - with brown bins now collected all year round.
Residents can use the "food caddies" and compostable bin liners to store food waste - which can then be put into the green lidded or brown lidded bins.
uk Stain-free microwave lidded saucepan, pounds 5, www.
There'll be enough glycerin, paint, confetti and glue left over to make another globe or two with the addition of another lidded jar and another figure to go inside.
Designed to reduce the cost of memory and I/O cards by as much as 50%, Amkor uses proprietary processes to create both lidded and fully molded cards in MultiMedia and SecureDigital card (MMC/SDC) formats using a leadframe packaging solution, which is far less costly than laminate package technology.