licorice fern

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fern having rootstock of a sweetish flavor

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This is the licorice fern's moment to bask in the light, given the lack of competition from all the leafless trees and from other plants beaten down by rain and snow.
Earlier she says: "Chartreuse licorice ferns beard the tree trunks; matching sword ferns pierce the understory.
Its branches and sloping trunks are covered much of the year by a dense crop of licorice ferns and club moss - that epiphytic growth is not harmful - which Mishaga counts among his favorite campus trees.
"Licorice Ferns and Other Delicious Plants" will be the focus of a guided nature walk for kids at 1 p.m.
Participants will learn about licorice ferns and other delicious plants.
Along with sword ferns, lady ferns and licorice ferns, vine maples, Oregon grape plants, white oak trees, cottonwoods and Douglas firs dot the hillsides.