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Synonyms for licorice

deep-rooted coarse-textured plant native to the Mediterranean region having blue flowers and pinnately compound leaves

a black candy flavored with the dried root of the licorice plant


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At the invitation of the Azexport portal, representatives of the Israeli company FandC Licorice Group visited Azerbaijan and met with one of the licorice producers in the country.
To use licorice against measles, simply do the following steps
Products containing licorice root extract can raise blood pressure, cause water retention and decrease potassium levels if consumed in excess," said, a neurologist Dr Jean-Pierre Falet, in the study published in the Journal of Canadian Medical Association.
From Sian came a gift bag containing packets of Maynards wine gums and licorice Allsorts and a generous voucher for curry at the Blue Tiger in Honley.
Businessmen from Russia, Great Britain, Turkey purchased knitwear, cotton yarn, tea drink with licorice root totaling more than 546,000 manat or over $155,000.
Topical ointments, containing Licorice root extract, are recommended for treating eczema.
Further studies on the mechanism of the mineralocorticoid action of licorice in humans.
Hepatoprotective effect of licorice the root of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisher, in alcohol-induced fatty liver diseae.
Brussels-based Kaneka Pharma Europe, developer and patent holder of the licorice root extract Glavonoid, has secured extended use approval for the novel food ingredient from the European Commission.
Badawi al-Badaw rubs licorice sticks with his hands after dampening them in water.
Swap out the Twizzlers for Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Salty Black Licorice, also from Oregon.
Licorice is described as 'National Venerable Master' in Chinese medicine and plays paradoxical roles, i.e.