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Synonyms for licking

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Synonyms for licking

a punishment dealt with blows or lashes

the act of defeating or the condition of being defeated

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Synonyms for licking

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A -- Finger Licking Dutch, a stroopwafel company, is proud to announce they will be having "Free Stroopwafel Day" on August 24th, from 8am-11am (local time zone), with participating (coffee) shops.
Petland Heath is currently supporting and/or feeding more than 25 area K-9 units, including teams from Licking County Sheriff, Newark Police, Pataskala Police, Heath Police, Somerset Police and Granville.
Tumours are also a possible cause of the licking. Mast cell tumours, in particular, can cause a dog to be itchy and the spots may be a sign of this.
In the brief-access gustatory palatability experiment, licking was assessed to four concentrations of LPV/r fast-dissolving tablets (FDT+) prepared as previously described [8].
Davis says the sugar on a doughnut absorbs the natural moisture on our lips and our instinct is to replace this by licking them.
I decided it was only fair to hold my tongue until after the election, but today we examine the campaign mailer that inexplicably featured Ryan Fattman licking the face of his wife, Stephanie Fattman.
(Thursday September 4.) Licking is the action of passing the tongue over a surface to either deposit saliva onto the surface or to collect liquid food or minerals onto the tongue for ingestion or to communicate with other animals.
Canine Acral Lick Dermatitis (ALD) also known as lick granuloma or canine neurodermatitis and is defined as injury to skin caused by chronic licking ('Acral' pertains to or affects a limb or other extremity).
Summary: The Rizzle Kicks have defended licking Jessie J's face at the Brits Awards.
THEO the wonder dog has brought a new lease of life to a teenager with a sleeping sickness- by licking her face every time she nods off.
If you treat the medical condition, the licking and chewing may stop.