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X no longer needs a wheelchair van to get to his appointments, his account can (spit-spot, lickety-split) be adjusted to provide for the appropriate transportation benefit. 7 VERDI'S, MUMBLES, SWANSEA This family-run Italian cafe and restaurant on the seafront at Knab Rock has great views across Cardiff Bay.
She can set the booth up lickety-split, she said, but "that depends on whether I'm sitting down or not."
Dyster said "We have the homeless and sex offenders tabulated, if we can get the pit bulls qualified we'll hit the 50,000 mark lickety-split."
Following on the heels of local band Kiss Concert's lickety-split punk song "Stupid Guy On My Phone,'' a fast-paced, high energy steamroller, Secret Lover creates an almost jarring moment with the slow, smoky "Sometimes the Wine Becomes My Lover.''
WILLIAMS: I'm not overly sold on the Irish challenge this year so I'd be keen to back a UK-trained winner, while benign conditions on a modified course should ensure plenty get round safely -- possibly even half the field if they don't go off too lickety-split at the start.
It made cutting holes in drywall for outlets and ceiling lights go lickety-split. Now there's the "Spiral+" tool, a powerful rotary toot with cutting wheels, a right-angle drive, dust control and attachments to cut just about anything.
"Speech Lessons" hums on the nursery rhyme rhythms of the train, "clickety-click, lickety-split" that ferried him to wartime Belfast for the lesson.
Superb animation and lickety-split comic timing make this one of the best of the genre.
The variations of reference, tone, and diction in Speech Lessons are remarkable: we travel from the Muldoonian playfulness of "clickety-click, lickety-split" to the gravity of "Silences," wherein poetry is "a prayer before an unknown altar, / a spell to bless the silence."
If they were to be made any easier, horses would go lickety-split, resulting in far more fatalities.
A great companion to 2005's Crocodiles Say and Heidbreder's other works, including Drumheller Dinosaur Dance, Lickety-Split and A Sea-Wishing Day.
Images become "woozy woozy"; time is "the time time before"; the woods are "old old woods"; and the cicadas go "lickety-split." The original tales, with their childlike characters, were actually designed for adults who could not talk openly about politically controversial matters.