lickety split

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without delay


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We never suspected," said Michelle Levy, 40, the mom of two kids, who were regular Lickety Split customers.
I had just started Lickety Split, an all-girl bike courier service.
Perfect for car trips or those last few minutes before Mom calls everyone to dinner, these ideal stocking stuffers include Fowl Play, the cooped-up chicken counting card game; Taradiddle, the bluffing card game; K-9 Capers, a memory card game about dogs and their tricks; and Lickety Split, the quick-shuffling card game.
Though Jim, the main character of Godspeed, is happiest when she's riding her bicycle high and using no brakes, she does not, like Breedlove, get off drugs and start an all-girl bicycle courier service called Lickety Split. (In the 10 years Breedlove owned the company, it employed more than 100 women from all over the world.)
There was a lot of "Ah, so" going on -- they did everything you wanted, lickety split; they had 24 hours on, in the dockyard, so if you wanted something done, they would produce it overnight.
"You could probably cut $80 billion pretty lickety split," says Scott Nathanson, the deputy director of Demilitarization for Democracy, a group based in Washington, D.C.
What does Lickety Split (not the horse's real name; his owners prefer to keep him anonymous) have in common with Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith?
There were also prizes for Seaham's Lickety Split, which won the Silver Challenge Cup for its cookies ice cream, and for Spurelli in Amble, Northumberland, South Shields' Joe Minchella, Minchella's of Seaburn and Ciccarelli in Blyth. 6DREAMY CREAMERY Lickety Split, Seaham FAVE bar in Scarborough 8FLAVOUR THRILLER Try cone near Blackpool Tower 9VANILLA TREAT Ellie's is close to Norfolk beach 11SEA ICE COOL Boho Gelato in trendy Brighton (left) 14 DECO Nardini's in Largs, North Ayrshire 16SMART 17CORN OF PLENTY Newlyn in Cornwall SPIRIT Beach in Northumberland 20BLYTH
Lickety Split Creamery: Based in Seaham, the company is a secondgeneration artisan ice cream manufacturer and retailer.
ove album, and singer Pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph and his Family Band, were last on Later a decade ago, and they return tonight for some funk and soul from their new Lickety Split album.
Lickety Split present the tale of Molly who embarks on a fantastic and magical adventure to find that things are not always what they seem.
Among the current and former British-trained entries are Marmions, Selsey Girl, Lickety Split, Special Trick, Smiling Man, Frisby Figo, Jack Spark, Blue Whillen, Moss Time and Occhi Rossi.
Who will sit through commercials, after all, once viewers can zap through them lickety split? Surveys already indicate the younger audience is increasingly likely to multitask while the TV is on and tune out when advertising appears--distracted by activities like eating or grazing the Internet.