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Synonyms for licitness

the state or quality of being within the law

Antonyms for licitness

the quality of strictly conforming to law

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Although we do not share this assertion, as we will specify later, we believe it fitting that he voices it, because undoubtedly what has not been pronounced is an indispensible requirement to maintain a favourable assessment of the moral licitness of embryo adoption.
SCRO, DD/FS 6/3; Raymund Harris, Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slavetrade, shewing its Conformity with the Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion, delineated in the Sacred Writings of the Word of God, London, John Stockdale, 1788.
To this end, Lessius made a careful distinction between probable and improbable opinions concerning the licitness of certain actions, making it clear that any deed deemed probable could be followed in practice, even though on a speculative level its licitness remained doubtful.
This Article is about the relationships among legal definitions of sexual illicitness, legal definitions of sexual licitness, and legal constructions of marriage.
In this sense, regionalism has, in both contexts, worked to facilitate the licitness of some but not others in very similar ways.
Over its four hundred pages, O'Connor sets out what the Spanish Comedia could teach its audiences as regards the nature of marriage; and he does this by setting the Comedia's dramatic praxis against the theoretical debates that raged particularly at the end of the seventeenth century over the licitness of different types of dramatic representation and of their setting.
Admittedly, sole empowerment of women (especially minors) and public funding were two of the three most controversial elements of the abortion rights agenda--the third being the moral licitness of abortion itself, which most activists unwisely stopped defending following Roe.
Protestants, therefore, remain divided about the moral weight to be given to the biological and social connections of parent to child in considering the moral licitness of using third party donors.
Clearly, pious Muslims were concerned about the licitness of accepting wages for teaching the [Qur.
One must look at all aspects of the relationship to assess its moral licitness.
Since the poet speaks of "nos embrasements / profanes" (29), "nos demarches corrompues" (39), "nos provenances / proscrites" (52), "mon crime, ton delit" (85), it might appear that he is himself ambiguous regarding the licitness of this love.
Yet at the same time, several associations of medical specialists acknowledged the need and moral licitness of research with certain categories of incapacitated persons, for example, Alzheimer patients.
They constitute a system because their licitness and enactability rests on, and in that sense is derived from and rooted in, common principles that drive much of the group's customary-legal behaviour across different domains (property, marriage, public office).
The elements constituting a gift are basically six, namely (i) benefit, (ii) value, (iii) relevance, (iv) goodness (v) licitness and (vi) ownability.
23) These rejections of the licitness of lying make unacceptable the most common moral justifications of political lies--to help another.