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It was the same rich green that one sees on forest moss or on the lichen in caves: plants which like these grow in a perpetual twilight.
This plant belongs to the genus Cladonia, and somewhat resembles the reindeer lichen.
It seemed to have become vegetable; to have degenerated in that rank, sunless air to lush lichen or spreading moss that grew in patches to the staircase and was viscid under the foot like organic matter.
He stepped over to the nearest tree--an old, old one with gray lichen all over its bark, but upholding a curtain of tangled sprays and branches.
I was startled by a great patch of vivid scarlet on the ground, and going up to it found it to be a peculiar fungus, branched and corrugated like a foliaceous lichen, but deliquescing into slime at the touch; and then in the shadow of some luxuriant ferns I came upon an unpleasant thing,--the dead body of a rabbit covered with shining flies, but still warm and with the head torn off.
Occasionally the marks were hidden under tufts of myrtle, which spread into large bushes laden with blossoms, or beneath parasitical lichen.
Life altogether is but a crumbling ruin when we turn to look behind: a shattered column here, where a massive portal stood; the broken shaft of a window to mark my lady's bower; and a moldering heap of blackened stones where the glowing flames once leaped, and over all the tinted lichen and the ivy clinging green.
It's inspired by lichens found in the natural world--their rich textures and colors as well as regenerative role in the ecosystem.
In order to encourage the large scale study of lichens in and around Oklahoma, Strawn explains the basic characteristics needed to understand lichen biology and identification.
We evaluated the potential of saxicolous lichens as a natural source of novel bioactive actinobacterial species.
A survey method for assessing the richness of epiphytic lichens using growth forms.
So she has come here, not to check sophisticated equipment, but to find lichens.
Background: Natural products from lichens are widely investigated for their biological properties, yet their potential as central nervous system (CNS) therapeutic agents is less explored.
Lichens represent a highly successful nutritional strategy, which allows the symbiotic organisms to greatly expand their ecological range.
Lichens are widely distributed in all the geographical region of the world.