lichen ruber planus

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an eruption of shiny flat-topped purplish (usually itchy) papules on the wrist and forearms and thighs

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Considering those changes, a punch biopsy was performed, and according to the histopathological findings a diagnosis of lichen ruber planus was confirmed (although immunohistological studies were not performed at that time).
The findings were very similar to those found in lichen ruber planus.
When our patient developed papules within the pigmented patches, they were interpreted as lichen ruber planus based on the histological data.
Diagnostic mistakes might occur because of the clinical and in some cases histopathological similarity between MF and common benign dermatoses; for example, lichen ruber planus, morphea, which are dermatoses that can be associated with hypo- or hyperpigmentation, and other disorders.