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A few minutes later we had reached the lodge-gates, a maze of fantastic tracery in wrought iron, with weather-bitten pillars on either side, blotched with lichens, and surmounted by the boars' heads of the Baskervilles.
Vivid orchids and wonderful colored lichens smoldered upon the swarthy tree-trunks and where a wandering shaft of light fell full upon the golden allamanda, the scarlet star-clusters of the tacsonia, or the rich deep blue of ipomaea, the effect was as a dream of fairyland.
And so many twining branches, so many mosses, bent by the bitter wind of ocean, so many lichens solder thy sepulcher to earth, that no passers-by will imagine such a block of granite could ever have been supported by the shoulders of one man.
Mac also developed a geological mania, and went tapping about at rocks and stones, discoursing wisely of "strata, periods, and fossil remains"; while Rose picked up leaves and lichens, and gave him lessons in botany in return for his lectures on geology.
Patients in the study were those with mild to moderate disease related clinical signs of lichen sclerosus, lichen sclerosus relapse, or recurrence after at least one previous treatment with topical steroids, or intolerance to topical corticosteroids.
Metastasis wygrabionych lichen from the slopes and bottom of the shaft outside the landward side of the river,
The wych elm tree near Allt y Benglog National Nature Reserve (NNR) at Rhydymain, Dolgellau, was the UK's only known host of Biatoridium monasteriense lichen.
Natural Resources Wales said there was a very real risk that the UK's only known colony of the lichen would be lost.
Conclusion: The lichen species studied are promising sources of natural compounds with neuroprotective activity and cytotoxic potential, and warrant further research.
Lichen planus is an autoimmune disease that research seems to indicate is not as severe as others.
In the current paper, Retallack argues that the ancient fossils are actually a primitive precursor to lichen or fungi and that they helped colonize land, paving the way for the Cambrian explosion.
Bhutani LK, Bedi TR, Pandihi RK, Nayak NC: Lichen planus pigmentosus.
In 1967 the National Science Foundation awarded him the Antarctic Medal for his work on lichens at McMurdo station in Antarctica and announced that a peak in the Queen Alexandria Range of the Transantarctic Montains, Antarctic had been named "Ahmadjian Peak" in his honor.
The pathology differential diagnosis for lichen planus includes mucous membrane pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, lichenoid reaction to drugs, lupus erythematosus, chronic graft-versus-host disease, linear IgA disease, and cinnamon-induced stomatitis.
Gillian, 35, a medical secretary in A&E at James Cook University Hospital, said: "I chose Lichen and Willow as names for the reindeer as this is what reindeer eat.