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Chinese tree cultivated especially in Philippines and India for its edible fruit

Chinese fruit having a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp and a single seed

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10) But Hawai'i had a subtropical climate much like that of Guangdong, and the migrants there were able to grow Chinese vegetables and fruits like longan, lichee, and mangoes that could not be planted in California.
The main occupations are growing rice and cash crops, including corn, tobacco, cabbage, cassava, mango, peanut, and lichee.
I began my meal American-style by having soup (which, according to Chinese custom, would have been served last) that contained fresh-water fish with American ginseng for strength and lichee nuts to benefit your blood.
There was a concomitant shift to commercial crops, primarily cotton, sugar cane, and lichee, and artisanal production of goods such as silk and ceramics, as the hinterland was brought into the growing commercialization of this transshipment trade.
Captain John Cass, who had brought the first group of Chinese laborers to Hawai'i in 1852, also carried to the Islands plants from southern China and so introduced the mandarin orange, kumquat, lichee, longan, pomelo, and other types of citrus fruits, which soon grew on every island.
These include the following: a number of jasmine teas scented with the fragrance of jasmine flowers and offered both with and without the dried jasmine flowers mixed into the tea; rose congou, scented with rose blossoms and also offered both with and without the beautiful dark to light red rose petals; lichee congou with the typical sweet taste and smell of the lichee fruit; and Lapsang Souchong, with its fragrance of smoke that is imparted from selected woods during the withering and firing of the tea leaves.
The complete menu, along with small plate specialties, will be available in the bar, where specialty cocktails with Asian fruit bases and dramatic tropical flavors such as lichee infused Vodka martinis will be featured.
Our business range includes Black Tea, Green Tea, Scented Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Pu-Erh Tea, Beeng Cha, Tou Cha, Kooloo Tea, Lichee Black Tea, Rose Congou, The Well-Known Tea,"Changbai Mt.
I have seen one, without any provocation whatever, turn around and strike him on the face; and my boy would take the blow in silence, and actually sometimes offer in return a dozen or so lichees or some sweetmeat, hoping thereby to be restored to favor.
22) In a study of exotic fruits, ascorbic acid contents in atemoya resembled those found in mangoes and lichees, and were lower than in passion fruit, pineapple, kiwi, orange and papaya.
Sometimes, Clive brought home mangoes, and, once, a bag of lichees from the Chinese store.