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Synonyms for licentiousness

excessive freedom; lack of restraint

Synonyms for licentiousness

the quality of being lewd and lascivious


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dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure

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I think a way should be found to bridge the gap between the libertarians who are unmitigated believers and practitioners of free-wheeling freedom of speech, and the conservatives who are scandalized by the growing licentiousness and indiscipline of the libertarians.
Vieni alia finestra") in a way that clearly emphasizes the character's noble title while underlining his licentiousness.
They sought to constrain sexual licentiousness and protect the family because through intact families, parents (especially fathers) are most likely to fulfill their natural duties to their children.
The album's funk-pop sound and the downcast licentiousness of its lyrics pick up where 'Gaucho' left off, but there's a tinge of hoary defeatism that's reminiscent of '11 Tracks of Whack'.
The residents around the Place d'Arezzo bumble about their daily lives with varying degrees of resignation, licentiousness, and unanswerable need -- that is, until a mysterious benefactor (or possible tormentor) aims to prod them into new territory by delivering each an anonymous letter: "Just a note to tell you I love you.
He also advised that liberty must not change into licentiousness, in the handling of State funds.
I chose the North East because in my previous experiments the people there seem to have a consistently high rate of abandonment and licentiousness when subjected to my music at a loud volume in an enclosed space.
Sexual licentiousness is a big worry for those calling for the police to be restored to power:
Israel too, claims Hamato, is guilty of spreading licentiousness into the Arab world, using satellite TV to spread perversion.
Many state constitutions excluded acts of licentiousness and placed peace and safety limits on the right to free exercise of religion.
The classic 14th-century compendium, so full of subversive humor and joyful licentiousness as its plague-escaping narrators entertain each other with bawdy tales, is robbed of its piquancy here.
This collection of well-researched studies of several aspects of the wide range of non-heteronormative sexualities in Asia interrogates both the Orientalist imagination which fostered the idea of the East as a place of promiscuity and licentiousness, and recent scholarship which focuses on transgendered specialists who performed same-sex acts in a ritual context.
I read books by Salamah Moses, and the Thousand and One Nights , which was forbidden for its licentiousness, and also many other books.
The kingdom's hard-line interpretation of Islam, known as Wahabbism, holds that allowing women to drive encourages licentiousness.
Social Control and the Education of Adults in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: The Role of Religion, Natural Law, Science and Useful Knowledge in Curbing Licentiousness, Promoting Moral Rescue and Averting Working-Class Dissent