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in a licentious and promiscuous manner

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Noting the play's tremendous effect on the drama of the 1590s, Lunney isolates three connected sensorial facets of the play as contributing to its immediate affective legacy: the aural (as encapsulated by the dreadful ringing of the beds throughout the massacre), the visceral (the violent stabbings), and the licentiously sensual (sleeping with the enemy: the "bonking" of her title).
Not only has he directed Worcester County Light Opera Company's season-opening "Avenue Q" and designed one of his customarily ingenious sets, but he also can take credit for creating the various puppets that kept the audience licentiously entertained on Friday evening.
They are encouraged to behave licentiously and compete to bring people home to bed them.
Thrifty also may have worded his comment to suggest licentiously that she could give her body over to him.
With his clergymen "Father Mavourneen," who becomes a liberal, Gary Snyder-reading sympathizer with the hippie youth, and "Monsignor O'Hara" who cross-dresses and cruises licentiously through the first part of the masque, Sorrentino deploys some of the traditional tools of anti-clerical satire in Boccaccio, Rabelais, Machiavelli, Aretino, Diderot, Sade, and Joyce.
Conceding that novels have "not seldom proved licentiously luxuriant," The Gleaner's defender maintains that it would be easy enough to write one that would "be more serviceable to the interests of virtue than even the ethic page" (49).
This is evidenced by a handful of licentiously illustrated editions of his tales, particularly in the first half of the twentieth century.