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Synonyms for licentious

Synonyms for licentious

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lacking moral discipline

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There is one Pavilion at Monblaisir which Aurelius Victor XV had arranged--a great Prince but too fond of pleasure--and which I am told is a perfect wonder of licentious elegance.
He was not only a spectre at their licentious feasts; a something in the midst of their revelry and riot that chilled and haunted them; but out of doors he was the same.
But the best known model for Elizabethan naughtiness was the Roman poet Ovid, and for Stratford schoolmasters in the 17th century there was always an undercurrent of anxiety about the corrupting influence of Ovid's licentious tales upon young minds.
After that, the film does get significantly more chaste, but that's probably only because our licentious lad is forced to spend 500 years as a frog.
The licentious violence of the theatre and circus that amused the ancient Greeks and Romans also has an obvious counterpart today.
In the WNO's new version, Robert Hayward is the "extremely licentious young gentleman" in question.
In comparing this English cost-benefit analysis with French attitudes, given that both countries suffered from weak leaders and licentious soldiers, he notes that the French understood that warfare was necessary to expel the foreigners occupying their homeland.
Living in "wretched, miserable huts and hovels, rudely constructed, with capacity of holding barely one person, and yet many of them crowded almost to suffocation," the people who lived in South Memphis were, in the eyes of the Avalanche, "the most drunken, blasphemous and licentious wretches that can be found among the negro race, in any city on this continent.
Ben Savage gives a towering performance as Vindice, who opens the production holding the skull of his lover, poisoned for rejecting the licentious old Duke's advances.
A MIX of fact and fiction are woven together in this new period drama for the BBC, which profiles the rebellious and licentious Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
The cast (including Christopher Fulford, Kenny Doughty and Shaun Parks, but mercifully no recognisable stars other than Absolom) were clearly enjoying themselves as much as the servants they were portraying - relishing all manner of licentious banter, thoroughly modern swearing and bawdy innuendo.
We have as never before a licentious and libidinous culture which provides unfathomable resources and outlets for male sexuality.
Iris discovers Paula's chilliness has already caused some casualties - she's estranged from her licentious daughter (Carly Pope, of the upcoming WB series ``Popular'') and working on losing her husband, as well.
Especially not with those connotations of praiseworthiness, stuffiness, and venerability that we insist on attaching to it, and which are so contrary to the spirit of licentious, if not criminal, play from which art is inseparable.
By now, of course, this sort of critique has become something of a commonplace, and licentious baby boomers wantonly pursuing unlimited choice at the expense of community, order, and authority are now objects of parody, if not obloquy in some circles.