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a fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine)

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A complaint by Boro Taxis to the Local Government Ombudsman led to an overhaul of the council's taxi licensing fees. The local authority was ordered by the Ombudsman to apologise to the taxi firm for failures in the way it administered taxi licensing functions.
Sources have said that once Microsoft takes control of Nokia's hardware division, a licensing fee cut is imminent, as the company aims to compete with Android devices.
Should Microsoft raise its licensing fee to US$7.5 per unit, HTC will see its payment of licensing fee to Microsoft to NT$9 billion this year, equivalent to its paid-in capital, up from the original expectation of NT$6 billion.
Norwegian Internet browsers developer Opera Software ASA said on Tuesday (20 September) that it had permanently removed the ad banner and licensing fee from its desktop web browser.
The state merely allows the city to charge occupational licensing fees, he explains.
In addition, the court's conclusion that accrual concepts required the prepayments of insurance and licensing fees to be prorated over the period to which they relate is inconsistent with Regs.
The bills require "crystal-clear" fee standards; an outline of exemptions; the creation of a viable forum for resolving licensing fee disputes through binding local arbitration; a list of titles from the licensing organizations published as written directories of their repertoires every six months with updated computer on-line access; a restriction on landlords and convention owners from liability because a tenant or exhibitor renting space plays music; and an obligation imposed upon the Department of Justice to report annually to Congress regarding their oversight of the music licensing system.
Patent trolls are a known nuisance in the legal world--businesses that hold patents but don't produce products, and rely on patent infringement lawsuits and licensing fees for their income.
India, April 17 -- Microsoft has revealed that it has entered into an agreement with Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhone and many other Android devices, to start receiving licensing fees for patents being used by Android devices.
For instance, the method used to estimate state and local tax levels doesn't take into account estate taxes, and it ignores licensing fees (e.g., fees for renewing drivers' licenses, boat registration fees, fees to get building permits, fees tot hunting and fishing licenses, fees added to phone and cable bills, fees on toll roads, etc.); and in estimating national taxes, inflation--a hidden tax caused largely by government debt and overprinting of money--is not part of the figure.
The agents in one case from Pennsylvania worked their own hours, were not required to be present in the office, did not receive formal performance evaluations, covered certain costs such as special advertising and licensing fees, paid their own taxes and insurance, and worked strictly on a commission basis.
As a result of this court ruling, Cognex stated, "Every company will now be able to use machine vision systems and bar code readers without the threat of litigation from the Lemelson Partnership and without having to pay licensing fees to them." The complete text of the court's decision can be found at Cognex's website,
The large firm surcharge was rejected after large firm representatives pointed out that they already pay the licensing fees for all partners and all CPAs employed by the firms along with examination fees for candidates.
Of that total, $190,000 goes to software licensing fees and $360,000 to implementation costs charged by the software provider.
Companies licensing the technology after that time may be subject to higher licensing fees; those fees were unannounced as this issue went to press.
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