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Synonyms for license

Synonyms for license

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

proof of legal permission to do something

departure from normal rules or procedures

excessive freedom; lack of restraint

Synonyms for license

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Those who did not have driver's licenses or were driving with suspended licenses were handcuffed, arrested and jailed at the sheriff's station.
The prior MCPP license terms will also be available through September 30, 2003 as an option for new licensees.
But they also found that approaches to obtaining licenses were haphazard, and that staying current with upgrades and releases of new versions was all but impossible.
Considering that almost every other professional performing work in a building - from the superintendent to the plumber - holds licenses, it is amazing that there are no professional or educational criteria existing for the person in charge.
Last year three new licenses added $100,000 to the bottom line.
Before being able to use the network to handle licensing efforts, states would have to enact the NAIC's model licensing law so they could issue nonresident licenses to agents that have licenses from their home states.
MPEG LA is the world leader in alternative technology licenses, enabling users to acquire worldwide patent rights necessary for a technology standard or platform from multiple patent holders in a single transaction as an alternative to negotiating separate licenses.
Fees for lifetime hunting and fishing licenses based on the age of the person also will increase Jan.
There, his focus and definitive expertise on creating strong and innovative products, combined with strong licenses, established "feature plush" product as a key category in driving preschool licensed lines, and has changed the landscape of the toy industry forever.
A lot of people are going to be affected because a lot of businesses aren't going to sell licenses,'' said Itsy Ota, owner of Johnny's Sporting Goods in Pasadena, which caters to West Valley anglers.
NFC stakeholders, including mobile operators, financial service providers, and device manufacturers, will present their views of the future of NFC in two main panel sessions on the definition of a technical framework for NFC licenses and on NFC licensing and business models.
Yet, Free Fishing Day, part of National Hunting and Fishing Week, are designed to promote fishing and buying licenses.
The Intraware SubscribeNet service (patents pending) is a Web-based delivery and support platform that enables technology companies to deliver, track and manage the software, licenses and other digital content they distribute to their customers.
Twenty-two percent of California drivers involved in fatal crashes had suspended or revoked licenses - or none at all, according an unprecedented study released Wednesday.
Two dozen DMV workers have been fired after a two-month investigation found that employees took bribes to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens, dangerous drivers and criminals seeking false identities.