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an official who can issue a license or give authoritative permission (especially one who licenses publications)

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The overriding goal of this strategy is to realize China's ambition to move well beyond serving as "the world's factory." China wants to shift from largely being a technology taker to becoming a technology licenser.
Some new wineries call Winchell when they've heard from a licenser, and say they'll just ignore the notices.
Operation of the hydrocracker unit requires a high level of skill; therefore specialist training, by a process licenser and operator, is being provided to Orpic.
A throwback like Redstone turned YouTube from pirater to licenser. He made Google his customer.
Any wrongdoing that is substantiated could lead the state to levy fines, order restitution to borrowers or even revoke the company's state licenser to cash checks for a fee and make payday loans.
"Frozen" was a licenser's dream and a big reason that U.S.
The order for three shotguns, two revolvers, and a rifle had already been invoiced to the athlete when he shot Steenkamp on February 14 last year, testified gun licenser Sean Rens.
In light of DFS' responsibility as a licenser of money transmission firms in New York, the investigation will look into whether or not these new types of money-transmission firms are facilitating money laundering and what, if any, consumer protection measures need to be taken.
In 2010, business and innovation incubation became the primary service of BIG, which originally acted as an invention licenser and promoter.
A subsidiary of holder and licenser of some patent rights, Straight Path Communications Inc (NYSE MKT:STRP), Straight Path IP Group Inc (SPIPG) filed patent protection actions against and is seeking damages from Blackberry, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE, it revealed on Monday.
Honeywell UOP, a developer and licenser of technologies that produces aviation and other biofuels, will conduct tests of the biofuels produced from the rangeland tree biomass.
Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), a developer and licenser of touch feedback technology, disclosed on Tuesday that its haptics technology has been incorporated within the Sharp manufactured and recently released docomo AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-06E.
Though not always successful, James, with his licenser Sir Francis Cottington, tried to make sure that the news press generally supported his policies and did not print material that could challenge his goals.
TOYO will focus on fertilizer projects to meet the increasing demand in those countries as a urea technology licenser and as an EPC contractor backed up by its outstanding successful experiences in this business field.
In that regard, one key partner has been online tchotchke licenser CafePress, which has quickly become a source for studios looking for "a quick solution to get product into fans' hands," Binder says, given the company's digital print-on-demand process.