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someone to whom a license is granted

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The white paper states that a licensee's policies, procedures and controls relating to social media usage must comply with existing statutes and regulations pertaining to issues such as advertising, marketing, record retention, consumer privacy and consumer complaints.
Another incident involved a licensee who defended himself in a parking lot argument, and the person with whom the licensee was fighting took the gun away, and killed the licensee.
The New York Insurance Law does not prohibit licensees from purchasing lists of customer names and related information from non-licensees for the purposes of soliciting insureds.
Richmond Metal Finishers, where the court, among other things, permitted the debtor--licensor to reject a license, resulting in a complete rescission of the technology transfer to the licensee, notwithstanding the significant time, effort and funds expended by the licensee to procure and market the technology.
A franchisor should use their home country new franchisee startup timeline and checklist for the new country licensee startup.
As a result, the Board will be changing the way it has communicated with licensees in the past.
Its licensees are made up of a group of the world's enterprise mobility service organizations.
According to California state law, once a license agreement is terminated, the licensee cannot continue using the mark.
The licensee must agree to seek permission from the artist to make any additional use of the artwork that the license agreement does not cover, and the licensor and licensee must agree upon payments for such use at that time.
17 (BNA): For a number of years, all Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) licensees have been required to provide to the CBB non-financial information regarding their activities, controllers and approved persons.
"Nu Flow is pleased to continue its growth with operations in cities with some of the world's oldest infrastructure,” said Nu Flow Domestic and International Licensee Manager Tom Bowman.
Although every licensee may take measures to prevent the improper or over-service of alcohol, even with the best efforts, accidents can and do happen.
The FCC and the licensee of KGLP-FM Gallup NM have agreed to settle the issue of alleged violations via the consent decree route.
The measure calls for the imposition of five to 10 years or a fine ranging from P5 million to P10 million or both against any licensee or employee of a licensee who knowingly allows a person under 18 years of age to open, maintain or use an Internet gaming account.