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the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it

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Thus, the driver's license number is given equal status with the SSN, although the authors'informal poll suggests many people, including CPAs, might not regard the loss or theft of a driver's license number with the same alarm as they would that of an SSN, or exercise the same degree of care for its security.
com/ h48jpkq) and IRS Publication 4524, Security Awareness for Taxpayers, do not mention safeguarding a driver's license number.
The APRN license number will deviate from the current format used for RN and vocational nurse licensure in the state of Texas.
However, Chen contradicts Gilbert's position that most processors are not overly concerned with shippers having a license number.
He entered his license number to show items 7 and 10 were completed.
Vendors are required to have their license number on all printed material, including business cards.
Employers and other interested parties will be able to verify APRN licensure status using either the soon to be issued APRN license number or a Texas RN license number.
Since the burglary, the thieves have made up false identification with the names and driver's license numbers of both women on them, while using the picture of the person using the phony ID on it.
Unlicensed operators have posted on a Web site with a phony Department of Corporations license number and a link to our Web site to fool consumers into thinking that they are on the up-and-up," said California Corporations Commissioner Demetrios A.
They lost him but managed to broadcast the car's license number over the police radio.
In September 2004, the city's board of elections sent 15,000 registration records with driver's license numbers to the state DMV.
The new lease terms also require tenants who have lived in units for years to provide personal and financial information including copies of their Social Security numbers, pet licenses, car registrations, auto insurance, bank account numbers and driver's license numbers.
Workers take driver's license numbers from sellers, and only mail checks to sellers' home addresses after sales are final.
prescribers and enables pharmaceutical companies to regularly verify prescribers' state license numbers -- a procedure that will be a federal requirement under U.
The new services capitalize on the 1995 expansion of the Index database to accept more information including vehicle identification numbers (VINs), driver's license numbers, tax identification numbers (TINs), and repair vendor names and addresses.