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the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it

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Even the current versions of the online IRS Taxpayer Guide to Identify Theft ( h48jpkq) and IRS Publication 4524, Security Awareness for Taxpayers, do not mention safeguarding a driver's license number. CPA firm managers should direct resources toward training staff and implementing appropriate security measures to minimize the possibility of a breach.
The APRN license number will deviate from the current format used for RN and vocational nurse licensure in the state of Texas.
However, Chen contradicts Gilbert's position that most processors are not overly concerned with shippers having a license number. "We are seeing a lot of processors willing to sell only to a company with a registered number."
He entered his license number to show items 7 and 10 were completed.
Do you have files with names of clients, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers or other information that could be used to steal their identity?
Vendors are required to have their license number on all printed material, including business cards.
The Texas Board of Nursing will begin issuing separate license numbers to all advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) beginning this fall to implement SB 406 and the Consensus Model for APRN Regulation: Licensure, Accrediation, Certification, and Education.
(License number: 420764; notification date: July 16)
(License number: 409495; notification date: May 25)
(License number: 422289; notification date: June II)
(License number: 359314; notification date: April 20)
(License number: 414748; notification date: April 21)
(License number: 403423; notification date: March 22).
(License number: 4222289; notification date: March 31)
In September 2004, the city's board of elections sent 15,000 registration records with driver's license numbers to the state DMV.