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a fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine)

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FBR had issued notice to PTV stating that PTV should pay tax on license fee.
United States-based Ionis Pharmaceuticals has received USD5m license fee from United States-based Janssen Biotech for a second orally delivered Generation 2.5 antisense drug, IONIS-JBI2-2.5Rx, it was reported on Friday.
In the commercial areas of TMA according to the new proposed taxes for standard size cabin would be 2000 rupees, marble showroom license fee increased from 1000 to 6000 rupees annually, marble processing unit from 2500 to 6000, guest houses and hotels from 2500 to 6000, shops in main bazara 150 rupees monthly except annual license fee, Shops on GT road, Circular road and other city areas would pay 100 rupees per month, houses less than 10 marlas would pay 50 rupees per month and more than 14 marlas would pay 70 rupees.
A short notice on Comcast's Internet customers' bills in September notes: "Following a recent decision concerning a 7% City of Eugene license fee, your billing statement now reflects recovery of that fee."
To neutralize the impact of the much-ballyhooed BIR ruling, Pagcor earlier came out with an interim solution of cutting gaming operators' license fees by 10-percent of gross gaming revenues.
And then there are the in-house productions that involve an imputed license fee exchanged when the network and production entity are one and the same, an accounting device that has sparked lawsuits from profit participants alleging that they were short-changed because of self-dealing.
Software license fee revenues for the quarter ended April 30, 2012 were US$7.3 million, a decrease of 9% over the same period last year.
The bottom line: no matter what method is used to calculate the initial area or master license fee, it needs to allow both the franchisor and licensee the chance to make an acceptable return on investment.
Swedish nutraceuticals developer Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition AB said on Wednesday (5 December) that it has received the final USD450,000 license fee payment for the exclusive rights to its Immulina product from its US sales partner PhytoLab Solutions Inc.
The HIV protease inhibitor project is valued atEUR 64m, of which EUR 2m is a license fee due on signing of the agreement.
The statement, which is the minutes of the 11-member supervisory board of the broadcaster, shows that NHK's overall revenue, most of it license fee income, appears to have fallen by 3 billion yen in fiscal 2004, as some non-license-fee income will ease the impact of the license-fee shrinkage.
Proposals included a $50 per CPA license fee increase; a special California partner surcharge for large firms (50 and above); expanded cost recovery requirements; and the ability to fine firms up to $3 million.
At one point they said all performers--for instance, all six members of PopCanon, my band--would have to pay an occupational license fee of $100 apiece, each year they are doing business.
Analysts say the ministry can either charge Comcel and future IP operators the $150 million license fee or decline to interfere, which would amount to a de facto deregulation of the entire sector.