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Synonyms for license

Synonyms for license

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

proof of legal permission to do something

departure from normal rules or procedures

excessive freedom; lack of restraint

Synonyms for license

References in classic literature ?
Get a seven-days' license, and I'll make it worth your while;' and you know, Polly, they are very good customers to us.
Thank God, you earn enough to keep us, though it is sometimes close work to pay for all the oats and hay, the license, and the rent besides; but Harry will soon be earning something, and I would rather struggle on harder than we do than go back to those horrid times when you hardly had a minute to look at your own children, and we never could go to a place of worship together, or have a happy, quiet day.
It granted licenses to five cities that demanded municipal ownership.
1, business owners can go to City Hall to obtain a business license, and penalties will be waived for previously operating without a license.
Failing to obtain the proper license or advertising (without a license) as a contractor may be crimes in some states.
Secretary Powell, Deputy Secretary Armitage, Assistant Secretary Bloomfield and honored guests, what you see before you here is an export license application submitted through the D-Trade Electronic Licensing System from ABCD Vision, Inc.
Depending on the functions they wish to enable, licensees can elect to license some or all of the protocols supported in Windows 2000 Professional and later client operating systems.
Ensuring that institutions of higher education have the software they need and are able to license it on consistently favorable terms has meant a reexamination of business practices across multiple administrative units--IT, purchasing, and legal--that had in the past only coordinated loosely if at all.
Should an individual or group of individuals disturb or break the guidelines established by the legislation, the Secretary of State would able to lift the individual's license.
Overcoming the bureacratic obstacles at many companies ("We've had companies with dozens or hundreds of subscriptions who had no mechanism, no decision-maker, to turn those subs into one site license.
States have a variety of license laws for resident agents and require nonresidents to obtain several licenses.
Concerned about an increase in hit-and-run collisions they blame on unlicensed drivers, Santa Clarita sheriff's officials held their first driver's license checkpoint in nearly a decade.
The annual Resident Sport Fishing License, valid in inland and ocean waters, will increase from $29.