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the words of an opera or musical play

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The libretto author is People's Artist Ajdar Ulduz, the music director and ballet conductor is Professor Yalchin Adigozalov, the production designer is Honored Artist Nusret Hajiyev, the costume designer is People's Artist Rafiz Ismayilov.
Vincent de Jesus achieved this feat first by winning Outstanding Libretto for 'Skin Deep' and Outstanding Musical Direction for 'Batang Rizal' in 2008, and then for his libretto and original music for 'Si Juan Tamad, ang Diyablo at ang Limang Milyong Boto' in 2009.
For Cammilla, regina de'Volsci (music by Giovanni Bononcini, libretto by Silvio Stampiglia)--which had premiered in Naples and had been mounted all over Italy before landing in Siena in 1700--Gigli introduced a new character specifically to show off the talent of an up-and-coming Sienese singer, who was cast as a page.
Speaking about the opera, Pugliese said "since the very first listening and first careful reading of Rossini's masterpiece, I felt the need to relocate the chaotic events of this special day for Figaro and his companions, in an environment that could help the libretto and the music to have full vent.
The selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to Toni MorrisonAEs libretto Margaret Garner and its musical realization, the Margaret Garner opera and the Margaret Garner case, the preproduction outreach campaign, the historical and libretto representations of Robert Garner, and a variety of other related subjects.
Opera de Montreal is presenting Les Feluettes (Lillies), an adaptation of Michel Tremblay's acclaimed play by Australian composer Kevin March to a libretto by Quebec writer Michel Marc Bouchard (May 21-28).
The premise might sound like the chintziest of gimmicks, but Morganelli composed a serious 74-minute work performed live by nine singers and a 26-piece orchestra while the film silently played behind them, singing from a libretto that retains much of the film's dialogue and synchronized with the actors' mouth movements.
SOUTH PACIFIC: THE COMPLETE BOOK AND LYRICS OF THE BROADWAY MUSICAL adds to Applause's Libretto Library series and provides a fine book gathering the complete libretto by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan based on James Michener's winning novel Tales of the South Pacific, a gathering of love stories during wartime.
Why does the libretto still state that Manon is being exiled to North America when this is no longer the case for French outlaws?
The libretto by Gene Scheer is here, as are photos (by Karen Almond) of performers, and production and narrative on the making of the opera by Melville scholar Robert A.
Anyone who can read English and has ears to hear would do better to listen to a CD whose liner note includes Morell's original libretto--not the libretto printed in this volume, a late variant used by Handel in 1758, when he was no longer making his own arrangements of his works, and taken from the 1866 edition by Friedrich Chrysander, None of the authors seems to be aware of the good and cheap Novello edition (1998) by Merlin Channon, which explains Handel s progressive alterations and cites Morell's explanation for the story s compression; this matters when the issue--as in several essays here--is the dramatic structure and sense of the text.
For these reasons, the study of opera has often been delegated to musicologists who, for obvious reasons, tend to privilege the score over the libretto.
To wit: in 1786, Antonio Salieri composed a one-act opera on a libretto written by Giovanni Battista Casti entitled Prima la musica e poi le parole, decidedly putting words in second position and two centuries later, in 1942, Richard Strauss in Capriccio reviews the arguments of this long lasting debate, but leaving it unresolved in his opera.
The closest thing to a tablet computer it has is the recently announced Libretto W100 Concept PC.