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the words of an opera or musical play

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The Libretto L1/060TNMM, with a 600MHz Crusoe processor, features a small, lightweight design with a low power, 10" wide SXGA TFT screen and a 10 gigabyte hard drive.
1990 Publishes novel The Great World (awarded the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Miles Franklin Award, and the Prix Femina Etranger) and writes libretto for Meale's Mer de Glace, which premieres at the Australian Opera.
La Calisto, Cavalli's fifteenth opera, and the ninth to a libretto by Giovanni Faustini (1615-1651), premiered at the Teatro Sant'Apollinaire in Venice on 28 November 1651.
Hotel in Danbury, CT welcomes the works of Lisa Libretto from 4:30 to 7 p.
SOUTH PACIFIC: THE COMPLETE BOOK AND LYRICS OF THE BROADWAY MUSICAL adds to Applause's Libretto Library series and provides a fine book gathering the complete libretto by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan based on James Michener's winning novel Tales of the South Pacific, a gathering of love stories during wartime.
The Fisher has thousands of libretti, including the first ever published, La Dafne by Ottavio Rinuccini (1600), as well as the same author's libretto for L'Euridice, which is the oldest opera for which a score also survives (by Jacobo Peri, also 1600).
Why does the libretto still state that Manon is being exiled to North America when this is no longer the case for French outlaws?
The libretto by Gene Scheer is here, as are photos (by Karen Almond) of performers, and production and narrative on the making of the opera by Melville scholar Robert A.
The closest thing to a tablet computer it has is the recently announced Libretto W100 Concept PC.
LITTLE LIBRETTO became the first winner for Librettist when beating stablemate Bajan Bullet in the novice race at Nottingham yesterday.
Supreme in-hand Ch - Moelgarnedd Derwen; R - Nantcol Libretto.
The case of Argippo is quite different, for only three arias known from other Vivaldi operas appear in the text of the libretto, which is today in the Prague National Library.
Though footnotes noting where the libretto is an exact quote or a paraphrase of its original literary source are present, Faust/Romeo Et Juliette is far more than a simple scholarly or literary reference; it is intended especially for anyone determined to faithfully produce, conduct, or perform Gounod's great operas regardless of their level of fluency in French, and to this end includes literary source footnotes and essays explaining the development of the libretti.
7 THE LAPPETITES, BEFORE THE LIBRETTO (QUECK-SILBER) A stunning debut by this international, cross-generational quartet of female laptoppers, led by Kaffe Matthews.