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the words of an opera or musical play

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4) around the changing but always strained relationship between men of letters - what librettists considered themselves and, in most cases, actually were - and the dirty business of writing texts for music.
He devotes parts of several chapters to Poliziano's role in forging the dramatic structures that served opera plots for centuries to come, as well as in providing a model for the echo lament, transmitting classical traditions from both Greek and Latin literature to the early Italian librettists, and establishing the popularity of octosyllabic verse which Rinuccini then adopted as a suitable meter for his closing choruses.
Other well-known librettists were Emanuel Schikaneder, who wrote the text for W.
Opera; an encyclopedia of world premieres and significant performances, singers, composers, librettists, arias and conductors, 1597-2000.
The opera's main events and figures, as conceived by librettists DuBose and Dorothy Heyward and embellished by Ira Gershwin's lyrics, are recognizable onstage.
Yet against these general developments, the impact of particular singers, librettists, composers or indeed economic conditions was often crucial in the sense that local resources both human and financial could shape individual works, require modifications to be made to the text, or account for the fashionability of certain character-roles.
A participant in 2003 and 2009 in Tapestry's annual LibLab program, which brings librettists and composers together in a kind of creative boot camp, Chan also penned the libretto for Sanctuary Song, working with composer Abigail Richardson.
Musical AKAs; assumed names and sobriquets of composers, songwriters, librettists, lyricists, hymnists, and writers on music.