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the words of an opera or musical play

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The Folks Operetta performers, with their soaring voices and artistry, have ascended to the forefront of the Chicago musical theater scene because they invest themselves deeply in the style and substance of the composers and librettists whose works they perform.
Maria Atallah, composer (ON); Alice Abracen, librettist (QC) Kendra Harder, composer (SK); Michelle Telford, librettist (SK)
Chapters 4, 5, and 6 are concerned respectively with three key figures in opera production: the librettist, composer, and singer.
However, working with a recent scholarly edition of Orfeo by Antonia Tissoni Benvenuti (1986) and bringing to bear his own impressive knowledge of Renaissance poetics, Sternfeld greatly enhances Poliziano's centrality as influential forerunner of Rinuccini, the first opera librettist. He devotes parts of several chapters to Poliziano's role in forging the dramatic structures that served opera plots for centuries to come, as well as in providing a model for the echo lament, transmitting classical traditions from both Greek and Latin literature to the early Italian librettists, and establishing the popularity of octosyllabic verse which Rinuccini then adopted as a suitable meter for his closing choruses.
Other well-known librettists were Emanuel Schikaneder, who wrote the text for W.A.
Records consist of information on the composer and librettist, a list of arias, the world premiere date, the reason for composition, conductor, performers, other collaborators, other significant performances, its setting, and characters.
The opera's main events and figures, as conceived by librettists DuBose and Dorothy Heyward and embellished by Ira Gershwin's lyrics, are recognizable onstage.
Musical AKAs; assumed names and sobriquets of composers, songwriters, librettists, lyricists, hymnists, and writers on music.
Librettists and composers are thrown together under hothouse conditions, the most successful collaborations making it to the stage.
Tapestry New Opera Works mounts a biennial production in which composers are matched with librettists. The result is six new chamber operas, short but complete, that are always interesting, even though the quality is uneven.
"But the show must go on." The show in question was Opera to Go, Tapestry's April debut of five 15-minute operatic scenes by Canadian composers and librettists. It soon became apparent that Hopkinson's statement about risk referred to an incident a few days earlier, when tenor Martin Houtman dislocated his shoulder in a rehearsal.
He gave young composers and librettists a chance to experiment with short, 15-minute operas as a prelude to more substantial works, then put together a first-rate instrumental and vocal ensemble in a production directed and designed by top guns.