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(astronomy) a real or apparent slow oscillation of a moon or satellite

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Un film documentaire intitul " La Guerre de Libration Nationale, du dclenchement la victoire" et qui relate les diffrentes tapes et haltes historiques de la rvolution a t projet.
Section 5 demonstrates the libration suppressions by the SDRE control.
The two movements in a joint statement issued after the meeting of the delegation of the Libration and Justice chaired by Dr.
Antoniadi came to the same conclusion by the late 1920s, (1) and like Schiaparelli he realised that in such an instance, as with the case of the Earth's Moon, there would be the chance of seeing a little way into the opposite hemisphere at times of favourable libration.
The government imposed ban on 36 organizations including Al-Qaeda , Balochistan Libration Front , Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar e Balochistan, Hizbul Tehreek, Lashkar e Jhangvi , Sipah e Sahaba , Lashkar e Tayyaba , Jaish e Muhammad, Sipah e Muhammad Pakistan, tehreek e Jafria and Peoples Aman Committee.
This ceremony coincides with Kuwait's national celebrations of the 50th Independence Day, 20th Libration Day and the 5th anniversary of His Highness the Amir's assumption of power.
The instrument, Scripps-NISTAR (NIST Advanced Radiometer), was developed to fly as part of the NASA Triana mission, which will view Earth from an L1 orbit (the Lagrange libration, or neutral gravity point between the Earth and the Sun)--about 1.
Another coronagraph is scheduled for an ESA/NASA craft called SOHO, to study solar pulsations and the acceleration of the solar wind from a position in space called the L-1 libration point, at which gravitational forces are balanced between the Earth and sun.
te l'volution de notre pays durant la priode coloniale puis celle de la de libration.
They survey thousands of trajectories for transferring spacecraft between the Earth and various locations near the Moon, including lunar libration orbits, low-lunar orbits, and the lunar surface.
Activists of Sharing Life Ministry and Human Libration Commission participated in the protest outside the Lahore Press Club on Saturday.
Development and libration parliamentary bloc member Yassin Jaber praised the army's step to enhance its presence in the South because "building on security factor reflects positively on stability, economy and civil peace.
The Plato 'hook', as it is often described, (2) is not readily observed, since its appearance is critically dependent upon a particular combination of selenographic colongitude, libration and topography.
La dcision du dclenchement de la guerre de libration a t prise lors de la runion historique du groupe des 22 en juin 1954 Alger.
Libration and Development parliamentary bloc member, Mp Yaseen Jaber, considered that UN decision to impose sanctions against Iran is a prejudice one based on double standards.