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an enumeration of all the resources of a library

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Chambers begins her introduction by asking, "Does the library catalogue have a future?
Tarulli, a collection access librarian at a public library in Canada, shows public library professionals in all roles how to expand the library catalogue into an online social space and community platform, extending it beyond its role as an inventory and part of the library's physical space into a next generation catalogue.
Latunde Odeku Medical Library of the clinical medical students, Ezomo (1988) found that about 50% of the students were not aware of the location of the library catalogue not to talk of using it.
Jessica followed this with a discussion of ways to locate additional material in the student's specific subject area using the library catalogue and the World Wide Web.
where the smaller the fragment the more chances for its description to come into the world--or is dissolved in gigantic catalogs--the National Union Catalogue, the British Library Catalogue, or Le Catalogue general de la Bibliotheque Nationale de France, for example.
Anyone keen to learn a particular language can ask at their local branch, or search the library catalogue on the internet at www.
With over 8,500 electronic journals available in full text versions, the Bielefeld University Library provides its users with search for catalogues, multimedia textbooks, subject portals and a library catalogue with both electronic and printed documents recorded.
ISLAMABAD -- A computerized Lok Virsa Library Catalogue would be launched on August 12 to provide online assistance to scholars, students, common citizens on folklore and cultural heritage.
Popoola, Udoh, and Aderibigbe (2001) described library catalogue as the culmination of the library staff efforts at organizing information sources for access.
Encompassing both the library website and the library catalogue, it is possible to offer increased access, discovery, and user interaction to match the resources and commitment at your disposal.
The study employed descriptive research, using a questionnaire as instrument for eliciting information on the use of the library catalogue among students.
The service will more than triple their existing bandwidth to accommodate soaring Internet use as well as increased sharing of online educational resources such as a combined electronic library catalogue and electronic course materials.
The MARCIVE application involves a single large database tracking library catalogue numbers along with associated text information.
Library Systems Division, has signed a partnership agreement with OCLC to integrate HTTP gateway software WebZ into its GeoWeb product enabling GeoWeb users to search the Library catalogue directly from a Web-Browser on the Internet.
Saur Verlag is one of the leading publishers for information and documentation, focusing on reference works and bibliographies for libraries and the book-trade worldwide, library catalogues, Who's Who publications, and biographical reference works issued as books, microfiches, CD-ROMs and online editions.
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