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Synonyms for library

a room where books are kept

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a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing

(computing) a collection of standard programs and subroutines that are stored and available for immediate use

a building that houses a collection of books and other materials

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The scope of the Library thus became extended into something more international, and it is entering on the fifth decade of its existence in the hope that it may contribute to that mutual understanding between countries which is so pressing a need of the present time."
After a short preliminary interview with Blanche, Arnold had rejoined Geoffrey in the safe retirement of the library, to say what was still left to be said between them on the subject of Anne.
In 1731 the house in which the library was took fire, and more than a hundred books were burned, some being partly and some quite destroyed.
They talked about something else longer than they probably imagined, until the tropical night had come and a splendid moon painted the whole scene with silver; but before it was bright enough to see by Fisher had already noted that the lights in the library had been abruptly extinguished.
Blakesley, 1839; A Crichton (Jardine's Naturalist's Library), 1843; J.
In the library Dorothea observed that he had newly arranged a row of his note-books on a table, and now he took up and put into her hand a well-known volume, which was a table of contents to all the others.
My aunt's correspondence of the morning--including the six awakening letters which I had posted overnight--was lying unopened on the library table.
I shall be glad to have the library to myself as soon as may be."
History is known, to my young remembrance of that library, by a History of the United States, whose dust and ashes I hardly made my way through; and by a 'Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada', by the ever dear and precious Fray Antonio Agapida, whom I was long in making out to be one and the same as Washington Irving.
The larger he locked up together; generally, but not always, in one of the drawers of the library table.
And then Anthony Rockwall, who never cared for bells, went to the door of his library and shouted "Mike!" in the same voice that had once chipped off pieces of the welkin on the Kansas prairies.
Andrew Carnegie, to be used for the purpose of erecting a new library building.
He was poor, as to money, but very rich in his sweet young daughter Hildegarde and his library. He had been all his life collecting his library, book and book, and he lived it as a miser loves his hoarded gold.
Medlock'd let thee go into th' library, there's thousands o' books there."
The silence that followed was broken by a knock at the library door.
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