libidinal energy

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(psychoanalysis) psychic energy produced by the libido

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What is indicated in these and other statements is that the decrease in libido is, to a certain extent, due to sex work satiating their sex drive, so much so that, for some, libidinal energy is to be conserved lest the escort is unable to perform with clients.
A gift shop is a kind of outlet for the desire, so powerfully kindled in a museum, to own, to have more--it transmutates libidinal energy, channeling erotic desire into acquisitive desire, which in the end is entirely insufficient to the cause.
Schorr's incessant interest in the baroque dimensions of the growing boy's libidinal energy borders on predatory in its own self-contained way.
On a metaphorical level, the seemingly infinite expanse within the frame of an Abstract Expressionist painting merges with the blissful space of the city park: two repositories of libidinal energy.
com/banger/spare) who concentrated on transforming his onanistic libidinal energy into chaos art through the use of automatism almost a decade prior to the Surrealists.