libidinal energy

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(psychoanalysis) psychic energy produced by the libido

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What is indicated in these and other statements is that the decrease in libido is, to a certain extent, due to sex work satiating their sex drive, so much so that, for some, libidinal energy is to be conserved lest the escort is unable to perform with clients.
Libido issues were voiced by escorts in this study who had reported a decrease in cruising for anonymous sexual activity, perhaps so as to conserve their libidinal energy for work.
11) The slave does redirect her/his libidinal energy to the "free" north, but, as I will argue later in this paper, this desire is complicated by the fact that freedom in America is defined against the black body.
Borrowing from Von Winterstein's psychoanalytic account of philosophic thinking as libidinal energy directed "no longer to that which one must not see, but to that which one cannot see" (210), Abraham adduces the case of an patient who "was not content with brooding and with abstract forms of thinking alone, but used to endeavor to get a visual image of how thoughts arose in the brain and how they |come out' of it" (211).
A gift shop is a kind of outlet for the desire, so powerfully kindled in a museum, to own, to have more--it transmutates libidinal energy, channeling erotic desire into acquisitive desire, which in the end is entirely insufficient to the cause.
In this paper, Freud (1917) suggested that in mourning, libidinal energy is gradually withdrawn from the lost object, freeing it up to be reinvested into new objects.
Psychopower controls the individual and collective behaviour of consumers by channelling their libidinal energy toward commodities-by provoking the investment of desire in the object of consumption it becomes possible to derive profits from industrial investment in the apparatus of production.
This new function amounts to the appearance of work, in the form of an economy of pleasure in the construction of reality, that is, in its invention, a diversion of libidinal energy from sexual goals, and as such the birth of sublimation both as the pleasure principle and beyond this principle.
As libidinal energy, desire is produced by that apparatus that transforms the drives into investments in objects, via binding systems that are at once super-egoic and sublimatory (and these cannot be separated: there is no superego without figures with whom to identify, without those identificatory figures produced by sublimation-the question being to know whether the reverse is also true).
In the volcano scene where the microcosm threatens to overcome the macrocosm, Rene attains maximum ascending verticality; libidinal energy, now unblocked, flows freely upward where blood (often symbolized by fire) floods the imagination to produce empyrean feelings of grandeur; looking down from the summit of Etna, he perceives geography with condescension as belonging to the periphery of life: "Dans cette vue perpendiculaire du tableau, les fleuves ne me semblaient plus que des lignes geographiques tracees sur une carte.
In Lyotard's vitalist ontology, 'representation' blocks or binds energy, much as Freud's neurotic symptom, 'representing' repressed desire, is construed as a blockage of libidinal energy.
Schorr's incessant interest in the baroque dimensions of the growing boy's libidinal energy borders on predatory in its own self-contained way.
On a metaphorical level, the seemingly infinite expanse within the frame of an Abstract Expressionist painting merges with the blissful space of the city park: two repositories of libidinal energy.
com/banger/spare) who concentrated on transforming his onanistic libidinal energy into chaos art through the use of automatism almost a decade prior to the Surrealists.
His exuberantly colored, multitextured, and polymorphously perverse configurations of the materials from which household handicrafts are often made seem to be the real, living fusions of abstract mutant cartoon characters and unattached libidinal energy.