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excessive freedom; lack of restraint

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Chesterton not only foresaw our current sexual libertinism, he also predicted there'd come a day when smoking a cigar would be considered more offensive than abortion.
What we call virtue libertarianism is the alternative to libertinism. Virtue libertarians recognize that we have a duty to respect our own moral nature and to promote its development in others in proportion to the responsibility we have for them.
Its character as a genuinely underground organization radicalized the Green Lamp, and this radicalization found expression in an ostentatious attitude of libertinism. "Whereas Arzamas was simultaneously a phenomenon of society and domesticity," Peschio argues, "the Green Lamp was conceived in opposition to society norms and values." Hence the Lampists, unlike the comparatively prim Arzamasians, "constructed a self-image that was all about flouting moral convention, about reveling in frivolity, drink, and wild sexual abandon" (62-63).
On the other hand, it would help to shift the emphasis from two diametrically opposed positions sustaining either his Whiggism (Hughes) or his staunch Toryism (Canfield), both equally convincing, depending on the play considered, to a different kind of politics, that borrows elements from both positions: an essentially syncretic discourse that extols libertinism and mocks puritan morality while, at the same time, containing their opposites: the disappearance or rather the extenuation of libertinism and a measured promotion of marriage.
The accepted performance of conservatism halted where libertarians became hostile to religion, where antistatism became antimilitarism, where libertarianism and libertinism became indistinguishable.
The principles of radical sexual autonomy, freedom from any form of moral judgment, and government support to ameliorate the consequences of sexual libertinism are present in the fights over abortion, gay rights, and now transgender issues.
Yet when our fellow human beings look at America through the screen of our entertainment, what they see most darkly is a rejection of tradition, religion, family and every kind of institutional restraint, in favor of unseemly egotism and libertinism. Attracted and repulsed by this image, they might be forgiven for not appreciating the part about self-governance."
Both "On the Birthday" and Penelope to Ulysses demonstrate Killigrew's continued interest at voicing her protest against the libertinism of the age.
It does not at all mean squandering God-given energies and indulging in immoderation and libertinism.
about his life's work and his unabashed libertinism.
In Putnam and Campbell's compelling account of how such polarization came about, the seismic upheaval of the 1960s, especially its sexual libertinism, "produced a prudish aftershock of growth in conservative religion"; especially after 1980, religion came to be increasingly associated with the Republican Party (3).
He is currently researching early modern libertinism and ideas of the sublime.
Another was Modesta's "libertinism"--her defiance of accepted ethical norms.
Seditious Books and Libertinism in the Captaincy of Minas Gerais (18th century Brazil): the Library of Naturalist Jose Vieira Couto
Even the pleasures of libertinism wane with time, as all the great libertines have discovered, and often admitted.