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an ideological belief in freedom of thought and speech

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Having explained the logical, philosophical support of the cause of individual liberty, you then provided unusually clear and rigorous examples of how the lack of a rigorous conceptual underpinning of the cause of individual liberty ultimately renders libertarianism indefensible.
In terms of substance, the book is quirky because each author ends up staking out a position that is not the only, or even the most mainstream, version of conservatism or libertarianism.
After introducing Anselmian libertarianism, the rest of the book is devoted to bringing the theory into engagement with all aspects of the modern debate.
Schlueter, who teaches philosophy and religion at Hillsdale College, makes the case for conservatism, while Wenzel, a research fellow at the University of Paris Law School, defends libertarianism.
There are three sets of good reasons why libertarianism forebears to ban torture of animals.
But there is more to libertarianism than a particular school of economic thought.
But nothing about political libertarianism implies libertinism.
Block explains that libertarianism is a political philosophy that shows when the use of coercion is justified or not justified.
All this leads to chapter 9, 'Indeterministic Free Will', where Hodgson not only crowns his brand of libertarianism the best available picture of how free will is metaphysically possible, but also extols how it rightly underwrites claims of ultimate responsibility for anyone fully endowed with it.
Jason Brennan's Libertarianism is an excellent book.
Like so many free-market books, Libertarianism is weakest on macroeconomics.
Indeed, in at least one place they would appear to say as much: "The essence of our piece affirms a type of libertarianism without reconfiguring the foundational classical-liberal views on property" (emphasis added by present author).
There were times when I was this representation of pure libertarianism and sexuality.
Libertarianism, from A to Z presents a case for libertarian policy conclusions and applies principles of these policies to a range of social and political issues, making this a fine addition to any political science library.
The third part takes a theoretical perspective by looking at nineteen themes which cut across the periods discussed in Part Two: democracy, rights, sovereignty, social contract, equality freedom, imperialism, the welfare state, libertarianism, republicanism, feminism, animal rights etc.
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