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someone who releases people from captivity or bondage

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Target: 100% operated interest in the Liberator field in the UK North Sea
According to the authors, these results are due to the unique working principle of the VeRo Liberator, which is based on high-frequency, high-velocity and, therefore, high-kinetic-energy impacts inflicted on the material by hammer tools.
Accredited by The Joint Commission, the company's Liberator brand is recognized for offering a simple, reliable way to purchase medical supplies needed on a regular, ongoing, repeat-order basis, with the convenience of direct billing to medicare and private insurance.
The C-87 provided a lot of airlift and VIP transport; and it is probably fair to say that early B-29 operations in China would have been impossible without using the C-109 Liberator Tankers to carry the fuel needed from India to China.
Liberator, a trial lawyer in private practice, most recently operated a Bermuda-domiciled company that specialized in mergers and acquisitions.
PRAISE Photo of Liberator, and right, his great great granddaughter Ricarda Cunningham
The oil discovery at the Liberator well follows KNOC's gas discoveries in the Tolmount field in August and in the Pharos field in November, the statement said.
380 bullets fired from the Liberator penetrate sufficiently to reach vital organs and perforate the skull.
As well as a core of cloud OTT services, including VOD, social media and a ready-to-go apps library, Liberator has a user interface (UI) and back office management system that can be completely customised.
The functional plastic guns that have been recognized as a breakthrough by some Second Amendment advocates, have been reportedly manufactured by the founder of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson who said that the Liberator project was intended to highlight how technology can decrease the significance of laws and governments to nothing but irrelevant.
Harold Pass was left the only man alive from the seven-man crew aboard RAF Liberator FK242 which went down in a field in Devon in 1942.
The Liberator, Kershaw's book on that account, is a very satisfying read about imperfect men combating near-perfect evil.
But his Liberator speech aid was soon to change all that.
Mr Harris flew Liberator bombers with 206 Squadron Coastal Command, targeting German U-boats during the Second World War.
The pilot, who also worked for Ford, told Mr Harris they had marked the Liberator down as a "probable" kill when they returned to their base in Norway.