liberation theology

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a form of Christian theology (developed by South American Roman Catholics) that emphasizes social and political liberation as the anticipation of ultimate salvation

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According to this telling, Benedict--previously recognized as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican bureau that oversees Catholic doctrine--is cast as the leader of a Vatican condemnation of liberation theology in the 1980s.
Unfortunately, Pope John Paul II saw liberation theology through Cold War eyes--as a Marxist concept that instigated class warfare and aided leftist guerrillas, rather than as a legitimate movement against hunger, poverty and human rights abuses.
We may know him as the internationally renowned father of liberation theology, but he has never let the odd bout of jetsetting dislodge him from a commitment to pastoring locally.
Liberation theology presupposes an energetic protest at such a situation, for that situation means:
For Connor, this means that the slave narrative tradition is rooted in the antebellum abolitionist movement and that its theological underpinnings are more related to a shared liberation theology between blacks and whites than to an Afro-Christian religious cu lture that developed in slavery.
Jose Comblin: Called for Freedom: The Changing Context of Liberation Theology.
The pope did not share his own views of Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, who is accused by some in the government of being too close to the rebels, but he did make clear that his views on liberation theology ``or its offshoots'' have not changed since he condemned it in Mexico 20 years ago, on his first papal trip.
Consequently, he turns to Christian ecofeminism and liberation theology for a moral critique of two powerful systems of oppression, patriarchy and runaway capitalism.
The major part of Scott's final four chapters, after the methodology and liberation theology sections, is an attempt to relate central Christian doctrines, such as incarnation and Trinity, to this more fundamental understanding of theology (and therefore faith, I presume, though this is not always clear) as liberative and non-ideological.
The contributions of liberation theology are visibly discernible in Martin-Baro's collected essays in Writings for a Liberation Psychology.
No friend of liberation theology, Prigione insists that the main mission of the church is not economic and social liberation, but liberation from moral sin and misery.
Foes have found liberation theology dangerous enough to include its condemnation as part of the United States' foreign policy to Latin America.
A call to action is different in 1992: the tactic is a privately owned liberation theology, the faith Blackness, the patron saint Vision.