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Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

give equal rights to


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release (gas or energy) as a result of a chemical reaction or physical decomposition

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Subsequently, Coleman illustrates how Ellison's literary heirs Wideman and Johnson alternatively imagine new vistas for black American manhood while simultaneously "fail[ing] to center liberating black realities to counter and close out harmful white ones.
They have shifted: The purpose of many community colleges has aimed toward vocational, utilitarian and away from general, liberating education.
Instead, I would like to think aloud about one of Merton's deepest messages: that tradition (I use the term loosely here) is liberating (or at least the path toward liberation) and that liberation is, in opposition to what we normally think, traditional.
Liberating Tech has designed in the STK14C88 for storing user configuration related to the height, axis of rotation, motor speed, and motor strength of the upper limb prosthetic.
I value her insistence that the Bible should be a liberating force, and I quite agree with her premise that the Bible should not be read in a fundamentalist way.
This universalization of the Self is freeing and liberating.
CopperCom, the company that is Liberating the Local Exchange(TM), teamed with Aeneas Internet and Telephone to restore service to Aeneas' customers affected by the tornado on May 4th.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi army's elite Counter-Terrorism Service declared liberating 47 out of 74 residential districts in Western Mosul.
Unlike the collection of short stories, which is as impressive as when it was first published, the critical collection Liberating Voices: Oral Tradition in African American Literature would have been much more useful and appropriate had it been published when it was first written.
CopperCom, the company that is Liberating the Local Exchange(TM), today announced that its CSX 1100 local exchange softswitch system has been approved for a Rural Utilities Service (RUS) field trial.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Governor of Iraq's Nineveh Province announced on Wednesday the Iraqi Army and popular forces managed to liberate 40% of the province from ISIL terrorists and they met with little resistance by the terrorists while liberating the villages in the Nineveh Province.
CopperCom, the company that is Liberating the Local Exchange(TM), announced today that San Juan-based Islanet Communications, Puerto Rico's fastest growing telecommunications provider, has chosen CopperCom's local exchange softswitch system, comprised of the CopperController softswitch and the CSX 2100 media gateway, to offer a complete communications package to corporate and residential customers across the island.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi popular forces have been present in all the phases of the military operations aimed at liberating Al-Anbar province and they are very close now to regain full control over all the regions surrounding Tikrit, a senior commander announced on Sunday.
CopperCom, the company that is Liberating the Local Exchange(TM), today introduced a meet-me conferencing application for their leading softswitch solution.
CopperCom, the company that is Liberating the Local Exchange(TM), today announced that Transbeam, a leading provider of high-speed DSL-based services, has chosen CopperCom's Gateway to provide integrated voice and data services to enterprise and small- and medium-sized business customers.