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an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom


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the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament

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In line with our hypotheses, we found that a sizable portion of faculty and staff members overestimated the liberalness of student drinking attitudes, how often students go out to drink, and the negative impact of their alcohol use.
These numbers may understate reporters' liberalness because of frame-of-reference effects; a reporter who is liberal relative to the national median voter may appear moderate in comparison with even more liberal coworkers.
In less than two full generations, the new liberalness made deep inroads into the minds of numerous Northern leaders.
decision's liberalness or conservativeness, empirical scholars
Whatever liberalness legit auds extend to actors, however, those same theatergoers are not turning out in equal droves to see plays about gay people.
Specifically, we exclude the physical size of the market and a measure of the liberalness of the state-level regulatory climate (as of 1994), both of which we expect to affect fixed costs of entry but not variable profits or demand.
Specifically, because state-supreme-court hostility to tort reform is typically associated with a court's liberalness, we could test the commentator's argument by examining whether states with liberal courts were more likely to pass tort reform.
We anticipate that these measures will be related to Supreme Court decision outcomes: the Segal-Cover scores are scaled to denote Court liberalness and therefore should be positively related to the liberal proportion of the Court's decisions, and the Martin-Quinn scores are scaled such that they should be negatively related to Court decision liberalism.