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in a generous manner

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Wickham is the son of a very respectable man, who had for many years the management of all the Pemberley estates, and whose good conduct in the discharge of his trust naturally inclined my father to be of service to him; and on George Wickham, who was his godson, his kindness was therefore liberally bestowed.
your master hath dealt liberally by the vanquished, and put them to a cheap ransom.
The Barbary Coast of San Francisco, once the old-time sailor-town in the days when San Francisco was reckoned the toughest port of the Seven Seas, had evolved with the city until it depended for at least half of its earnings on the slumming parties that visited it and spent liberally.
Playmore--passing over the claims of economy in favor of the claims of humanity--suggested that we should privately start a subscription, and offered to head the list liberally himself.
The latter, however, were supplied before Anne reached the main road, for being confronted halfway down the lane with a golden frenzy of wind-stirred buttercups and a glory of wild roses, Anne promptly and liberally garlanded her hat with a heavy wreath of them.
There were many vacant rooms at their disposal, and the brave Army of twenty-seven was easily provided for and liberally feasted.
The group, which counts around 250 members on its distribution list, is a local chapter of a national organization called Drinking Liberally.
Krebs, meanwhile, is the co-founder of Living Liberally, a smiley-faced, volunteer-driven organization that aims to incorporate a dose of liberal politics into people's everyday social interactions.
The traveling show, Laughing Liberally, plans to tour nationally soon.
TORTURE is abhorrent in any society, but in all this fracas and legal arguments it seems somehow that someone is overlooking the decapitation, shackling and cold blooded murder that al Qaeda and the Taliban so liberally apply to prisoners, kidnap victims and any other poor wretch that has the misfortune to falling into their hands.
After fishing Ken's pup out of the canal, she offered him leek and potato soup, liberally seasoned with a spot of come hither.
Liberally hits her stride LIBERALLY hasn't proved as precocious as her Classic-winning half-sister Speciosa, not seeing a racecourse until June of her three-year-old season, but she is certainly making up for lost time, supplementing an easy win at Bath with an unlikely success in the 1m2f handicap at Lingfield yesterday, staying on in determined fashion to get up close home after hitting 22 in running on Betfair.
Great Divide Brewing Company is releasing a single batch of Liberally Hopped American Pale Ale to salute the Democratic National Convention as it comes to Denver.
Rinse a cloth in warm water and spray liberally with the vinegar.
The city's astonishing Deco legacy, more sultry than its European counterparts and liberally spiced up with Afro-Cuban elements, is re-examined in Havana Deco, Alejandro G.