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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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The IMF mission also welcomed the measures taken to liberalize and phase out regulated prices, especially the increase in procurement prices for grains and raw cotton, which are important steps in eliminating price distortions in the economy, creating effective market incentives, and ensuring financial independence of enterprises and farms.
Duterte's economic team is in the process of crafting a new RFINL that will liberalize eight investment areas identified by the Chief Executive.
Lopez defended the interests of local industry in a business forum yesterday after being asked by the media for the industry's outlook amid plans to further liberalize it possibly through its removal from the foreign investments negative list (FINL).
According to Mohsen, over the 13 years in which Yemen put in efforts to join the WTO it was asked to liberalize the service sector gradually.
He continued, "I am tired of this; they talk about democracy and then do the opposite and try to seize any opportunity [to liberalize abortion laws]".
BEIRUT: The landlords of "old rent" apartments urged the government Wednesday to liberalize the old rented houses and apartments law, repeating that many of the tenants living in old buildings are paying extremely low rents compared to the current rents.
Policymakers need to liberalize financial systems so they will allocate capital to the projects with highest returns, regardless of sector.
With the same objective, regulators should review their authority to temporarily liberalize or suspend various regulations when such actions could contribute to the restoration of orderly markets or if compliance with such regulations may be unusually costly during a temporary disruption.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 July 2004-Denmark to liberalize Shop Law - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
MANILA -- The Philippine bishops' social action arm has taken exception to advice on economic growth that the World Bank has offered the government, saying a recommendation to liberalize the mining does not adequately address environmental and human health.
Their analysis finds that "globalization favors all participants who liberalize, especially those who are newly industrializing, and penalizes those who choose not to liberalize, leaving them behind.
The posts ministry has drafted a proposal for a new public corporation slated to take over the state-run postal services in 2003 in which it urges the new entity to partially liberalize the mail service, ministry officials said Friday.
The plan reflects differences between C&W and the Government, which is moving to liberalize the telecom industry.
China will liberalize interest rates on large-sum foreign currency deposits effective Thursday in a first step to bring its banking system in line with international norms, the government said Wednesday.
De Gaulle's France could liberalize economically because the defeated military in Algeria were paid off with higher arms spending.