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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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China's central bank has said that liberalising rates is key to reforms.
In the case of the services sector, a more conducive environment can be created by liberalising FDI in services like health insurance, rural banking and higher education as FDI inflows and trade in services have a close relationship, the Survey said.
Delegates also agreed that members should consider liberalising international air cargo operations as soon as possible.
The UK is at the forefront of liberalising the rules affecting professional bodies.
But in the background, at times almost neglected, several other countries, such as Denmark, are setting about liberalising large parts of their gambling market.
It will showcase innovations by Australian courts that help India design solutions based on Australian models with a view to liberalising the legal profession.
The central bank is considering the possibility of liberalising foreign exchange regulations.
By liberalising flights we are essentially solving the problem of seasonality by bringing more tourists, enabling our hotels to stay open during the winter period," Mitsopoulos said.
Other aspects of the agreement for US carriers include expanded rights for all cargo carriers, improved rules governing the processing of tariff filings and an agreement to resume talks in summer 2008 with an eye toward further liberalising the agreement, Delta said.
Digby Jones said ministers had a ``delicate tightrope'' to walk by liberalising laws, which campaigners believe will lead to an explosion in gambling.
The Austrian Government announced on March 28 its time schedule for fully liberalising its energy markets: electricity by October 1st, 2001 and gas by October 1, 2002.
A comprehensive overview of factors that will enable and impede the development of a TPI sector in Europes liberalising energy market.
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So will visit Guangzhou tomorrow to speak at a conference on liberalising trade in services between Hong Kong and Guangdong.
The Indian government has announced that it has made changes to commodity exchange norms, liberalising the sector in the process.
It is essential for the Danish Presidency to secure support for a decision that moves forward and accelerates the process of liberalising these markets", he declared, adding: "I am pleased to note that Germany supports this objective".