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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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But you can bet the Bartter's tragedy will be twisted into a propaganda tool for drug liberalisers.
But what possible connection could there be between the sexual liberalisers of the West and Islamic fundamentalists?
Brussels experts say that the new alarm over BSE has given the Commission further ammunition in its struggle to persuade trade liberalisers that "European agriculture is different" -- and not just a business where normal competitive rules apply.
The liberalisers had their own champion in Irme Nagy, whose brief time in power from 1953-5, had been marked by a shift towards non-alignment and abandonment of Stalinist five-year planning.
amp;quot; The comments are sure to fan concerns amongst liberalisers that France--usually favouring tougher regulations on the food industry, subsidies and protection--will influence Francophile Mr Ciolo?
Sweden has traditionally allied itself with Britain, the Netherlands, and eastern European liberalisers in the EU Council of Ministers, which it will chair for six months until the end of this year.
Mr Alemanno repeated the view that the latest reform of EU farm policy had made it less trade distorting, and that this should make it easier to strike a deal at the WTO with liberalisers.
The debates over this legislation have pitted countries such as France, with a mercantilist approach that a borderless market is an opportunity for local, especially large, companies; and liberalisers such as the Dutch and the British seeing the union as a massive market in which the fittest thrive, from whatever country.
But a recent political shift from erstwhile liberalisers, the United Kingdom, sees them siding with Germany's desire to see Articles 9 and 11 deleted.
Although the trade liberalisers now appear to have the upper hand in many of the EU's political debates, the Member States - and the other members of the WTO - seem to be suffering from negotiating fatigue.