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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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Ahead of a proposed referendum this summer, Varadkar said: "I believe Ireland's abortion laws are too restrictive and need to be liberalised. I'll be campaigning for them to be changed.
I'll be campaigning for them to be changed and to be liberalised, yes."
Liberalised working hours have extremely negative consequences for thousands of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), as they cannot compete with large businesses, the petition said.
The new rules are considered to be more liberal than those of China, which also liberalised its Visa rules by introducing a visa-free regime for 60 countries from January 1 this year.
The obtaining of such acknowledgements, which ensure the diffusion and implementation of the Company's good practices within Global Liberalised Business when managing the more relevant activities, reflects the efforts made by all the organisations involved, who focus their actions on the international integration of their management while respecting the particularities and needs of each country.
The two sides, however, failed to ink the much-anticipated liberalised visa regime, merely agreeing to do it an early date after Islamabad insisted on political participation.
Home minister P Chidambaram has said that he hoped that the pact to have a liberalised visa regime will be signed during the talks besides taking forward confidence building measures (CBMs).
Central America will immediately liberalise the majority of the EU's fish exports (78% in value), the remaining 22% to be liberalised after ten years.
More specifically, on Morocco's side, EU fruit and vegetables and tinned goods, with the exception of beans, sweet almonds, apples and tomato concentrate (for which tariff quotas have been negotiated) will be entirely liberalised within ten years.
The report, by New Carbon Finance, concludes that in liberalised, competitive markets such as Germany, power producers have integrated both fuel costs and the value of carbon allowances into power prices.
Muscat: The rapidly expanding telecom sector in Oman will be further liberalised, according to Mohammad Bin Nasser Al Khusaibi, Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Economy and Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
In addition the CAC said Canada already has liberalised air agreements with the United States and the United Kingdom.
On the one hand, liberalised trade in agricultural products would lead to cheaper goods for consumers and industry.
These include that "professional services" and "financial services" are among the sectors that the EU wants to see liberalised, and also that for the poorest countries, it is making limited demands.
GROWING ACCESSIBILITY to increasingly liberalised global markets in the aviation industry was the focus of the recent Worldwide Air Transport Conference at the International Civil Aviation Organisation, in Montreal, Canada, Recommendations were agreed by consensus on key liberalisation issues, including air carrier ownership and control, market access, fair competition and safeguards, consumer interests, product distribution, dispute resolution and transparency.