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Understanding the internship as a form of praxis, or theory-informed action (Arnett & Arneson, 1999), provides a philosophical background for internships consistent with a liberal arts education within the Catholic tradition and is consistent with the growing literature on the nature and function of internships, which are said to work best as an integral part of the educational experience (Cantor, 1995).
Part of the problem is that the majority of schools in the United States that now advertise themselves as liberal arts schools were founded by Protestant denominations in order to train ministers, lawyers, and teachers.
Reinforce the assertion that liberal arts degrees have high ROI potential.
Everything is well thought-out, from the education and Liberal Arts model right down to the infrastructure.
In the broadest sense, a liberal arts education is an approach to learning that involves diverse coursework so students develop a range of knowledge.
Explaining the reason and importance of imparting liberal arts education, Dr Fitzgerald said that as the world changes and we face severe consequences of climatic changes and man-made problems, our students should know how difficult it is to manage human challenges, rather than just technical ones.
Is there a connection between the liberal arts and the virtues?
The current discussion takes place in this context of long-running historical debate concerning not only the ideal curriculum but also the purpose and usefulness of a liberal arts education.
As at most liberal arts colleges, the hallmark of most honors programs is small class size, which is one of the greatest strengths of honors education and culture.
The purpose of this study is to explore how hospitality management along with professional studies' educators interpret their pedagogical tenets as they relate to the liberal arts mission of the college and to design a transition component in adjunct faculty orientation that would provide them with strategies for incorporating liberal arts content in their professional studies courses.
Liberal Arts education requires high cultural context and systematic skepticism and provides a foundation for wise discernment in meanings we construct and life's purpose and actions.
John Rekemeyer of Shrewsbury graduated in the fall from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the College of Liberal Arts.
The number of liberal arts colleges in the United States has dropped 39% since 1990, from 212 to 139, reports Michigan State University scholar Roger Baldwin.
Islamabad -- The Convocation 2012 for the Foundation University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (FUCLAS) was held at the University Auditorium on Wednesday.
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