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So the overall picture for liberal arts remains quite bleak.
Indeed, liberal arts students must acquire one central entrepreneurial skill much earlier in their careers than STEM students are required to: originality.
But to truly transform Hiram at this point in our evolutionary development, we must actualize programmatic change, what Mary Marcy (2017) calls the "Distinctive Program Model," while simultaneously designing what Marcy calls the "New American College Model." In this sense, Hiram is striving to create a macro-change model that doesn't fit neatly into Marcy's typology of change models for liberal arts colleges.
The law of supply and demand is also usually cited to explain the lower salary rates among fresh graduates of liberal arts.
Liberal arts studies were popular with last fall's freshman class at the University of New Hampshire's Durham and Manchester campuses.
Following a holistic educational approach, liberal arts equips students with the skills that are sought by the private sector labour market.
We find over 3.8 million entry-level job openings in the US for graduates with bachelor's degrees, 1.4 million of which liberal arts graduates could qualify for with their existing degrees and additional, incremental skills training.
He stated that the liberal arts model is the only one which produces well-rounded individuals with a multitude of skills.
According to studies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers often rank skills such as critical thinking and communication--hallmarks of liberal arts training--above technical aptitude as essential for career readiness.
Morgan State University's College of Liberal Arts will be named after alumnus James H.
Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts (reprint, 2014)
The employee rolls at tech companies are increasingly filled with graduates who hold liberal arts degrees, and those with liberal arts backgrounds are joining tech companies' ranks at a faster clip than graduates from technical fields.
Through liberal arts, we are teaching subjects that are compulsory but are unfortunately missing in the curriculum, said renowned academic, Dr Deborah Fitzgerald.
"I don't see a future where any postsecondary option--including residential, liberal arts colleges--disappears.
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