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Synonyms for libel

Synonyms for libel

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a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person

the written statement of a plaintiff explaining the cause of action (the defamation) and any relief he seeks

print slanderous statements against

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This happens when a public figure believes that he is about to be libelled by the media.
Boyd said that an advertising official had concluded that a cartoon on the tabloid's front page libelled the LeaderPost's new owner, Izzy Asper.
Ms Cooper-Flynn had alleged she was libelled in six RTE broadcasts in 1998 which reported that as a National Irish Bank employee she had encouraged or assisted a number of persons in tax evasion.
Mr Sherwin had claimed the newspaper libelled him by stating he solicited a political contribution from a building developer.
In November 1999, a High Court jury found that former Esat boss Denis O'Brien, 42, had been libelled by an Irish Mirror article.