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Synonyms for libel

Synonyms for libel

Words related to libel

a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person

the written statement of a plaintiff explaining the cause of action (the defamation) and any relief he seeks

print slanderous statements against

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Pablito Galeza Nalzaro, who is known in the media industry as Bobby Nalzaro, a columnist of Sunstar and sister publication, Superbalita, wrote in his Tuesday column that the four counts of libel filed by Ramon Miguel Osmena, son of former Mayor Tomas Osmena, were filed in court last week.
He said he will file "cyber libel at the same time regular libel" against the two media outfits.
Medialdea earlier filed a libel complaint against Tulfo over his column piece titled 'Self-purgation should start with the Cabinet,' which appeared in the Manila Times July 25, 2019 issue.
Thus, while Libel is punished under the Revised Penal Code with punished with imprisonment of prision correccional minimum to medium, essentially six (6) months and one (1) day to four (4) years and two (2), but for Cyber Libel the penalty is one degree higher or prision mayor minimum to medium, or six (6) years and one (1) day to ten (10) years and, with the increase in the penalty, a person convicted for cyber libel CANNOT EVEN APPLY FOR PROBATION.
Prosecutor Marizen Grutas who said that there was probable cause to charge Alvarez with libel in connection with alleged defamatory statements he hurled against fellow Davao del Norte Rep.
Senator Antonio Trillanes pleaded not guilty to libel charges, which President Rodrigo Duterte's son and son-in-law filed against him before a Davao City court, according to a radio report yesterday.
Section 4 (c) (4) of RA 10175 renders unlawful or prohibited acts of libel those mentioned under Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC), as amended, if such acts are committed through a computer system or any other similar means that may be devised.
Our nation does not need stronger laws against libel. To the contrary, libel and slander laws should be repealed.
"Our current libel laws are a sham and a disgrace and do not represent American values or American fairness so we're going to take a strong look at that," he told reporters as he met members of his Cabinet.
Trump had called for changing the country's libel laws even when he was a presidential candidate.
Blood libel? It's a phrase that carries a considerable emotional charge and--until recently, anyway--a very specific historical meaning.
Amaral, who led the initial investigation into the disappearance in 2007, has been ordered to pay Madeleine's parents PS358,000 in libel damages.
Nixon once said the Times decision allowed the news media to publish calumnies ranging from Watergate conspiracies to accusations that he was having "an affair with a countess in Spain." He said the press had this leeway because under the Times decision, a public official must not only prove the falsity of an allegation in a libel action but must also show negligence and "actual malice."
Lawmakers today moved to decriminalize libel by abolishing the penalty of imprisonment provision under the Revised Penal Code.
MOST people will be uneasy about the decision of Carmarthenshire County Council to fund its chief executive in bringing a libel action against a blogger.