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752 provides that a partner's basis in its partnership interest includes its share of partnership liabilities.
Issued in March 2006, FAS 156 amends FAS 140 with respect to the accounting for separately recognized servicing assets and servicing liabilities.
Environmental liabilities do not need to be an obstacle to a property transfer, acquisition or securing financing for a purchase if they are proactively identified, managed and mitigated.
George Passantino, a senior fellow at the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, acknowledged the fund gains, but noted that the county issued $2 billion in pension bonds in 1994 to pay the plan's unfunded liabilities, a debt the county will not pay off until 2010-11.
In financial statements prepared on the modified accrual basis of accounting, liabilities and expenditures for termination benefits should be recognized to the extent the liabilities are normally expected to be liquidated with expendable available financial resources.
Asset/Liability Management: Process of matching the characteristics and duration of the liabilities associated with in-force contracts to the characteristics and duration of assets used to fund these liabilities.
on reasonable request by a beneficiary, the trustee shall provide the beneficiary with a report of information about the assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements of the trust, the acts of the trustee, and the particulars relating to the administration of the trust relevant to the beneficiary's interest, including the terms of the trust.
This concept of a corporation as a kind of person delineates the scope of its legal liabilities.
After all, the unclaimed property statutes do not specifically set forth an inventory system for liabilities.
The liabilities associated with silica exposure would go beyond worker's compensation claims and probably would include additional monetary awards, according to Mosher.
UBS Global Asset Management estimates that the typical large corporate defined benefit plan saw an increase in assets for the year of almost 14%, while liabilities were roughly flat for the year, measured by the iBoxx US Pension Liability indices.
The Fifth Circuit held the proper valuation of the plans to be the FMV of the marketable securities held (as determined by reference to applicable securities rates and the date of the decedent's death), but did not include a discount for associated income tax liabilities.
1, one crucial issue for the insurance industry remains unresolved and will occupy the IASB for the next few years--how to account for liabilities related to insurance contracts.
Recently the Tax Court considered the special rules that apply to the allocation of liabilities to LLC members.
The offer should include all liabilities to be covered by the compromise, the legal grounds for compromise, the amount the taxpayer proposes to pay, and the payment terms--which include amounts and due dates.